Samsung Galaxy S6 review times three for choice

Samsung Galaxy S6 review times three

Plenty of buyers are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S6 to hit the shelves on April 10 when it will release to regions worldwide. This is likely to be the dominant Android smartphone for the next year, following the pattern set by previous Galaxy S flagships. If you haven’t yet made the decision to purchase […]

HTC One M9 vs iPhone 6 camera results comparison

HTC One M9 vs iPhone 6 camera results b

HTC announced its One M9 flagship early this month and there will be many potential buyers snapping it up in the next few weeks. One of its high-end contenders is the iPhone 6 and on paper they have very different camera set-ups. If smartphone photography is important to you then you might be interested in […]

Samsung Galaxy A7 vs A5, A3 and Alpha in benchmark speed test

Samsung Galaxy A7, A5, A3, Alpha

It can sometimes be interesting to test different smartphones against each other for various factors, especially when they are from the same manufacturers but at different specs and price levels. Today we have a short video to share that shows the Samsung Galaxy A7 vs. A5, A3 and Alpha in a benchmark speed test, so […]

BlackBerry Leap on 10.3.1 hands-on official look

BlackBerry Leap video

It was early this month that we first heard of the mid-range BlackBerry Leap smartphone that’s heading for a release in April. BlackBerry announced it at MWC 2015 and we gave details of specs and also pricing. Now the company has issued a video showing a BlackBerry Leap on 10.3.1 hands-on official look, and you […]

iPhone 6 vs HTC One M9, usage decides

iPhone 6 vs HTC One M9

The Apple iPhone 6 smartphone hardly needs any introduction and it has sold in huge numbers since its release last year. The HTC One M9 on the other hand is a flagship Android device that succeeds the popular One M8. If you particularly favor the iOS or Android operating platform then you will probably find […]

Moto G 2nd gen vs Moto E 2nd gen, the winner is…

Moto E 2nd gen vs Moto G 2nd gen

Motorola has found a lot of success with its much-admired Moto E, Moto G and Moto X lines. The Moto E is at the bottom of the latter and extremely popular because of its affordability, while the Moto G is the next rung up. If you’re considering either phone but not sure which to opt […]

iPhone 6 on iOS 8.3 beta 4 vs iOS 8.2 speed testing

iPhone 6 on iOS 8.3 beta 4 vs iOS 8.2 b

The latest Apple iOS release to the public was iOS 8.2, but iOS 8.3 has already been in beta for some time. The fourth beta was made available for developers earlier this week, as well as to those taking part in the public beta program. It can be interesting to see how betas are performing […]

Apple Watch model advice for buyers

Apple Watch model advice

Although it remains to be seen if the Apple Watch will have lasting appeal, it looks likely that there will be plenty of potential customers for the new smartwatch when it releases next month. There are different versions available with three collections on offer and covering a wide range of budgets. If you’re thinking of […]

Samsung Galaxy A7 vs Galaxy Note 4 bootup speeds

Samsung Galaxy A7 vs Galaxy Note 4 bootup

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 released in October last year and is a high-end phablet with top-notch specs. The Galaxy A7 is a recent addition to the market and has been designed with a metal build for a more premium look. However, it has a cheaper price tag and lesser specs than the Note 4. […]

HTC One M9 review choice for different takes

HTC One M9 review collection b

The HTC One M9 is about to hit various markets worldwide and many people have already placed pre-orders for it. The flagship smartphone was announced at the beginning of this month and we’ve already been bringing plenty of news about it. Now the first reviews are in from some of the best people in the […]