Samsung Galaxy Edge Note release date for the US is November 14th

samsung galaxy note edge

If you live in the states, and have been wondering about the Samsung Galaxy Edge Note release date, wonder no more. It’s official, the Galaxy Edge Note is headed to the United States, and it’s coming on November 14th.

The Sharp Aquos Crystal lands in the US at Sprint and Boost Mobile

sharp aquos crystal

Exclusivity is a pretty big deal these days, and AT&T has been busy on that front this year by already locking down a few exclusives. One phone they didn’t nab is the Sharp Aquos Crystal, and that edgeless smartphone has just landed in the states courtesy of Sprint.

Samsung Gear S on sale this Fall, in-store Demos coming to AT&T Friday

samsung gear s

We saw several new smartwatches unveiled before or during IFA 2014, and only a couple of them are currently available to purchase. The Samsung Gear S isn’t one of those devices, but we’ve learned that it will arrive in the US this fall. If you’re itching to see one in action, you’ll be able to do so this Friday, but only at certain locations in the US. Guess who got another exclusive?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Note Edge coming to Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

That didn’t take long. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has only been official for a few hours, and we’ve already learned that the Note 4 is headed to all four major US carriers with Sprint, T-Mob, AT&T and Big Red.

The Sharp Aquos Crystal has the slimmest Bezels on the Planet

sharp aquos crystal

Sharp is known for cranking out Aquos TV sets with super-slim bezels, and they’re bringing that design to mobiles. The Sharp Aquos Crystal is the company’s shiny new flagship, and a new report has it headed to Sprint.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on Sprint price slash from Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on Sprint cut price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a much-admired phablet from the giant tech company that has won high praise since it released last year. If you put off buying the phone because of its high price then you might be interested in this next piece of news. There’s now a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on […]

US HTC One Android 4.4 update nears

HTC One update

There are a number of flagship smartphones on the Android platform that are currently receiving or in the process of being made ready for the latest version of the operating system, now the US HTC One Android 4.4 KitKat update is getting closer to a release following some official confirmation. Towards the end of last […]

Sprint Easy Pay revives early upgrades

sprint easy pay revives early upgrades

There was some consternation recently when Sprint’s One Up program got the chop as it seemed as though early upgrade options would no longer exist for Sprint customers. However, Sprint Easy Pay revives early upgrades, and that will be music to the ears of many customers of the US carrier. Framily plans took over from […]

Sprint T-Mobile merger down to pricing strategy

sprint t-mobile merger

The mobile market is constantly shifting and at the moment there’s plenty of discussion about Sprint possibly acquiring T-Mobile US. However, it seems that any Sprint and T-Mobile merger will be down to pricing strategy. Way back in 2011 we reported on AT&T’s attempt to acquire T-Mobile and at that time Sprint was opposing the […]

HTC One Max Sprint release confirmed for tomorrow


We’ve known for some time that the HTC One Max was on its way to Sprint, and yesterday we told how Best Buy was listing the phone as arriving on November 15th. This had not been announced by Sprint at that time, but today the carrier has confirmed that it will release tomorrow. The Best […]