iPhone 6 Three UK delivery delays for orders

iPHone 6 Three UK orders

The Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus release today to many eager consumers hoping to get their hands on one. Some who wanted to make sure they got one for release day may have chosen to pre-order the device directly from Apple or from their network of choice. However, we know that there are […]

iPhone 6 Three UK pre-order and price wait frustration

iPhone 6 Three UK pre-orders and price frustration

There’s a huge amount of interest in the Apple iPhone 6 following its official introduction, especially today with pre-orders opening at Apple and other retailers. Most pre-orders were being accepted from early in the day but Three UK said that pre-orders would be available this afternoon. Now there’s iPhone 6 Three UK pre-order and price […]

Xperia Z2 pre-order pricing from o2 and Three

Xperia Z2 up for pre-order

You’ve seen our post on the pricing from Amazon and now o2 and Three in the UK have announced their pre-order pricing. First up Three is offering the black and white models on contract starting at £38 (for 2GB) and going all the way up to £44 (for unlimited data) per month, with a £49 upfront fee. […]

Three launch 4G data dongle

three 4g dongle

Three have announced a 4G data dongle for their UK network, a first for the Unlimited data carrier. For £19.99 a month you will get a very generous 15GB allowance with an up front cost of £34.99. Not only that but PAYG is covered too, with pricing starting at £64.99 including 3GB that lasts for up to […]

Three UK 3G and 4G changes will disappoint

3 data

UK mobile carrier Three has always been famed for its all you can eat data, but the company has now announced some changes to its 3G and 4G contracts that may disappoint those looking to join the network. It has been announced by the carrier that new customers signing up to both 3G and 4G […]

Three UK 4G rollout reaches all, sort of

Three UK 4G rollout reaches all, sort of

The UK market for a 4G LTE service has been heating up in recent months as more services and networks become available. A lot of users have been put off with the high price of some of the 4G price plans, but the Three UK 4G rollout reaches all of the carrier’s customers, sort of. […]

Three UK data outage causes headaches for users

Three outage

Such is our reliance on modern technology these days when things do go wrong we realise how many things we do in everyday life depends on it, and now a Three UK data outage is causing headaches for many of the networks customers. Customers on the Three network have been having issues trying to get […]

Three UK 4G roll out plans confirmed

Three UK 4G plans

Residents and mobile users in the UK are finally beginning to see more choice becoming available when it comes to signing up to a 4G data plan, and while only selected areas are currently covered this is set to change in the coming months. Now king of all you can eat data Three UK has […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price plans on Three UK

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price plans on Three UK

Three UK have just launched its new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet, it is now available on a 2-year contract with some great price plans to boot. If you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet via Three UK it will come with some free goodies, these include 50GB Dropbox storage for 2 years, £100 […]

Three UK 4G price promise reaffirmed

Three UK 4G price promise reaffirmed

Residents in the United Kingdom will be used to seeing the advertising campaign from carrier EE featuring Hollywood star Kevin Bacon boasting about their 4G network. It’s about to get some company though from rival carriers and now the Three UK 4G price promise have been reaffirmed. EE has been busy boasting that it’s the […]