New Droid Turbo photos hit the Net

moto droid turbo

We’ve discussed the Motorola Droid Turbo several times in the past, but we haven’t had anything to go off of in the looks department – until now. That’s right, the first photos of the handset have arrived, and it’s a looker.

The new Moto X is headed to Verizon on September 26

New Moto X US pre-orders

If you’re looking to snag a new Moto X on Verizon, you’ve probably been a little disappointed so far. Get ready to turn that frown upside down, as we now know when the new Moto X will arrive on good old Big Red.

Droid Turbo rumored for an October announcement

droid logo

Remember that Droid Turbo spec leak last month? It’s been quiet on the Droid front since that time, and while the Moto X is official, there’s not been a peep about the Turbo… until now, that is. A new report has given us a timeframe on the new handset, and it looks like we may get to meet the Droid Turbo next month.

HTC Desire 610 touted for Verizon release

HTC Desire 610 touted for Verizon

The mid-range HTC Desire 610 arrived on the scene earlier this year, and in the US it’s already offered by AT&T. If you’re a customer on Big Red and hoping that the phone would be offered by your carrier of choice there’s some promising news today. The Desire 610 is touted for a Verizon release […]

iPhone 6 pre-order at AT&T, Verizon, or Apple?

iPhone 6 Plus UK O2 b

The iPhone 6 is gearing up for pre-orders around the globe, and if you’re in the states you’ve got a choice between AT&T, Verizon or Apple at the moment. With that in mind, we’re going to take a quick look at each carrier and give you the lowdown on what to expect.

Verizon Galaxy S5 Android 4.4.4 update rolling out

Verizon Galaxy S5 update b

We enjoy bringing readers news of operating system updates and today’s snippet is for Verizon owners of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Verizon Galaxy S5 Android 4.4.4 update is now rolling out and some forum users have reported its arrival. If you haven’t got it yet then you should be receiving it for your handset […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Note Edge coming to Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

That didn’t take long. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has only been official for a few hours, and we’ve already learned that the Note 4 is headed to all four major US carriers with Sprint, T-Mob, AT&T and Big Red.

Motorola Luge release date set for August 28

motorola luge

We’re seeing an increased amount of leaks ahead of IFA 2014, and it’s only going to get more frantic as we get closer to the big day. Motorola is set to show off a slew of new handsets at the conference, and word of a Motorola Luge release has hit the web today.

HTC One M8 for Windows is Official and available at Verizon

HTC Logo

It’s safe to say a lot of consumers like the HTC One M8, and so did the folks at Microsoft. It wasn’t much of a secret, but today it’s official as the HTC One M8 for Windows has just been announced.

Verizon unveils new $60 single line plan with 2GB of Data

verizon single 60 plan

Verizon has great coverage for folks in the states, but their pricing leaves something to be desired. In the wake of T-Mobile’s constant price drops and Sprints rumored $30 price plan, the Big Red network is rolling out a new single-line plan that can save you a little cash.