Pluto Flyby Google Doodle for NASA New Horizons probe

Pluto Flyby Google Doodle

Anyone interested in astronomy will know that this is a significant day as a NASA probe will fly-past Pluto and will offer us detailed pictures of the dwarf planet’s surface for the first time. The occasion is grabbing the attention of people worldwide and Google has created a Pluto Flyby Google Doodle for the NASA […]

Free Google Play Music streaming tier launched

google play music

If you haven’t tried Google Play Music, there’s no time like the present even with the launch of Apple Music. A free Google Play Music tier has just been launched today, and it offers up an ad-supported experience like you’ll find on other streaming services.

Father’s Day Google Doodle has captivating charm

Father's Day Google Doodle

Father’s Day is being celebrated in many countries around the world today, and Google is joining in with the spirit of the occasion. If you check out the Google homepage today you’ll see a Father’s Day Google Doodle with captivating charm. It’s a really cute and striking doodle as it manages to convey exactly what […]

Snapchat down, users report not working

Snapchat down, users report not working

If you’re an avid user of popular messaging app Snapchat, you may have noticed problems today. Users are reporting that Snapchat is down or not working properly, and this is causing a huge amount of frustration to many people. These issues seem to be widespread with the subject being widely tweeted and more reports flooding […]

Eurovision 2015 Google Doodle celebrates song contest

Eurovision 2015 Google Doodle

Our first item today is a little bit different as it concerns the Eurovision Song Contest, and fans of the spectacle may appreciate a special Eurovision 2015 Google Doodle. These unique doodles are often used to commemorate an anniversary or celebrate an occasion and tonight is the 60th birthday of Eurovision. Over 200 million viewers […]

2015 Nepal Earthquake person finder assistance with Google

Nepal Earthquake person finder

Every now and then something happens that moves our attention away from our usual focus on smartphones and tablets, and today there has been a massive earthquake in Nepal. Hundreds of people have been reported killed in the 7.9 magnitude quake and if you have concerns about someone who is missing or want to let […]

Earth Day Quiz offered by celebratory Google Doodle

Google Doodle Earth Day

From time to time we like to bring news about special Google Doodles that often mark occasions or events. Today is Earth Day 2015, a day that is recognized by millions of people around the world, and an Earth Day quiz is on offer with a celebratory Google Doodle that’s worth taking a look at. […]

New Google Wireless Service is coming soon

google logo

Google has been rumored to have a wireless service in the works for quite some time, and the wait may finally be over. A new report suggests Google will make an announcement very soon, and the only thing on the agenda will be Google’s wireless service for the US. The Wall Street Journal is reporting […]

Xbox Live down, sign in problems on status page

Xbox live down b

Readers have been drawing our attention to some issues going on with Xbox Live right now so if you have an Xbox One or Xbox 360 you might be interested in this news. Xbox Live is down and certain problems have been acknowledged on the official status page. Let’s hope this isn’t yet another attack […]

GTA Online issues have been resolved, Heists are ready to roll

We normally don’t delve into too much news outside of the mobile arena, but occasionally something big comes along like the GTA Online Heists release. Yesterday, Rockstar finally released Heists mode for GTA Online and apparently, they didn’t expect it to be so popular as gamers were hit with a variety of GTA Online issues. Servers were down and gamers were cursing, but today the company says the problem has been resolved.