AT&T customer service and satisfaction rising


As well as bringing our readers news about new and upcoming smartphones and tablets we also like to keep you informed about carriers. Today we have news that giant U.S. carrier AT&T is seeing rising levels of customer service and satisfaction, good news for AT&T customers although you may have a different story to tell! […]

Google Motorola Mobility acquisition officially complete

Google Motorola Mobility acquisition officially complete

I’m sure everyone in the mobile space knows that the Google guys have been wanting to acquire Motorola, and have been going through the necessary hoops to get the deal done and dusted, and now a few days after China approved the acquisition, the Google guys have announced the acquisition of Motorola Mobility is now […]

Kodak value of assets possibly hurt after patent loss

Kodak value of assets possibly hurt after patent loss

Camera maker Kodak woes have been in the news for the last year or so as it has seen profits and sales tumble with the advancement of smartphone cameras, and today it seems Kodak’s value of assets possibly hurt after its recent patent loss. The company has been fighting a two year legal battle against […]

Nokia to shift turnaround by 2015 in market


It’s no secret that Nokia has met challenging times recently and is making concerted efforts to regain ground in the mobile phone market. The company has put its all behind the Windows Phone OS and its recently launched Lumia phones were the hope of a big revival but have met mixed success. However it now […]

AT&T vs Verizon in shared-data pricing plans


This year will see shared-data pricing plans being rolled out by both AT&T and Verizon and it will be an important faceoff for the wireless service industry. It’s not yet known which carrier will announce its move first and with billions of dollars involved it seems that neither of the giant carriers is eager to […]

HTC confident about custom issues, lacking specific device list

HTC US hold up

In the last few days there has been a lot of news surrounding the fact that HTC have been unable to get some of its handsets out to consumers in the US as they have been held up in customs, but now we have news that HTC are confident about having a solution but there […]

Wait for iPhone 5 sees mobile market drop

Wait for iPhone 5 sees mobile market drop

It appears that quite a few in the mobile space could be waiting patiently for Apple to deliver their next iOS smartphone in the form of the iPhone 5, as apparently global sales of mobile phones have dropped for the first time since 2009, apparently due to those awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 5. […]

T-Mobile USA to possibly acquire MetroPCS

T-Mobile USA to possibly acquire MetroPCS

Well now, I’m sure that everyone knows that AT&T had designed in the past on acquiring T-Mobile USA, a deal that fell through and gave T-Mobile USA a sum of cash along with spectrum, and it appears that T-Mobile USA could be putting that extra cash to use by considering making an acquisition of their […]

Lenovo accelerating smart phones & tablets development

Lenovo accelerating smart phones

Lenovo are not the first company that springs to mind when thinking about the best smartphones and other mobile devices, but the manufacturer is accelerating its smartphone and tablet development with a huge investment. The company has announced that it will pump in around $800 million into a new mobile focused facility, which according to […]

Motorola Mobility Q1 dip in revenue & merger update


Those of you who have been following developments of the planned Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility may be interested in today’s news. We have some details for you of a Q1 dip in revenue for Motorola Mobility and also an update on the merger news. The details come from the first quarter financial results, which […]