Apple expanded mobile payments service in the offing

apple expanded mobile payments service

There has been plenty of talk lately regarding Apple’s further development of mobile payments and it now seems this is more likely than ever. There are reports today that an expanded mobile payments service is in the offing that will enable customers to wirelessly purchase physical goods. When we recently discussed the upcoming iPhone 6 […]

Slash cell phone costs with no-contract service plans

Slash cell phone costs with no-contract service plans

Are you looking for ways to slash your cell phone bill? Like many, you are probably spending more than you should on cell phone service. Some mobile phone users rely on my phone for a lot of things. A few need it as much as the next person and just like many of us, and […]

Smartphones, tablets blamed for bad PS Vita sales

smartphones and tablets blamed for poor ps vita sales

There’s no doubt that mobile devices are increasingly being used for gaming by many of us, and it seems that’s bad news as far as the success of the Sony PS Vita goes. Smartphones and tablets are now being blamed for bad PS Vita sales and we wonder what readers think about this. The Sony […]

Apple refund policy to include App Store purchases for some

Apple refund policy to include App Store purchases for some

We quite often hear of parents that have been stung by high bills if their children have been playing a game on either the Android platform or iOS, which has in-app purchases available. Now for some users Apple is going to offer refunds for these App Store purchases. It is being reported that following an […]

Sprint T-Mobile merger down to pricing strategy

sprint t-mobile merger

The mobile market is constantly shifting and at the moment there’s plenty of discussion about Sprint possibly acquiring T-Mobile US. However, it seems that any Sprint and T-Mobile merger will be down to pricing strategy. Way back in 2011 we reported on AT&T’s attempt to acquire T-Mobile and at that time Sprint was opposing the […]

Samsung Q4 2013 profits down, smartphones blamed

Samsung Q4 2013 profits down, smartphones blamed

The smartphone market has many companies fighting for position with the likes of Samsung and Apple currently dominating proceedings, but it is being reported that Samsung’s Q4 2013 profits are down with smartphones being blamed. Samsung has been on a quest of wave in recent years especially in the smartphone market, but it has now […]

Apple vs e-Watch in iPhone patent infringement lawsuit

Apple vs e-Watch in iPhone patent infringement lawsuit

Apple is heading towards a lawsuit battle after e-Watch Inc filed for a patent infringement lawsuit against them, it has been reported that Apple infringed certain patents to do with iPhones being able to send photos over the internet. e-Watch is suing Apple for infringing these patents 7,365,871 and 7,643,168; these patents were filed under […]

Sprint CEO on customer dissatisfaction, long term gain


Sprint CEO Dan Hesse spoke at an investor conference yesterday and told how loss of customers over recent times was expected while the company rebuilding was in process. However, although Hesse spoke of short-term pain he seemed confident that eventually there would be long-term gain. An audience of investors and analysts listened as Hesse told […]

HTC One Mini UK sales halted following Nokia victory

HTC One mini UK

We are used to hearing news about the various patent disputes between Apple and Samsung, but there are a number of battles taking place in courts between other companies and now the HTC One Mini UK sales are halted following a Nokia victory with the possibility of the HTC One being next. Nokia and HTC […]

HTC unaudited November 2013 consolidated revenue released

HTC unaudited November consolidated revenue released

In 2013 the unaudited consolidated revenue was at NT$17.2bn, with a total from January to October 2012 of NT$246.2bn, but this year it has changed for its unaudited revenue figures for November 2013. Even though HTC’s revenue is up slightly from October, it does not take from the fact the numbers show a drop of […]