Microsoft’s Nokia takeover given green light

Microsoft Nokia takeover given green light

It has been a while now since Finnish smartphone manufacturer turned to the Windows Phone platform to turn around its sliding fortunes. Things have been improving but now Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia has been given the green light by shareholders of the company. We heard back in September about Microsoft’s proposed $7.2 billion buyout of […]

Apple tax evasion and wants $380m from Samsung

Apple tax invasion and wants $380m from Samsung

Oh dear, Apple and Samsung are still battling it out in court, this time round Apple is fighting for another $380 million in damages from Samsung, but Samsung only want to pay $52 million even though they have already paid Apple $600 million. Apple is coming out top trumps here because even though a judge […]

Samsung grabs phenomenal Android device share


It’s always interesting to look at the latest smartphone share figures and the latest research makes it quite clear that Samsung now grabs a phenomenal Android market share. We all knew that Samsung was the dominant force in Android mobile devices, but it’s staggering to think that 63.3% of Android share is now made up […]

Q3 hurting Apple with increased revenue, low profits

Q3 hurting Apple with increased revenue, low profits

The global shipment of smart phones has seen a record surge by 47.6 percent in Q3 ended on September 30. According to the recent report by IDC, Apple market share has shown a decline with the demand for low-cost Android devices. Strategy Analytics research said; the worldwide smartphone shipment has hit 45% annually, around 251 […]

BlackBerry deal falls through as CEO departs, uncertain future

BlackBerry deal falls through CEO resigns, uncertain future

2013 has been a turbulent year for Canadian smartphone manufacturer Blackberry as it has seen its market share plummet despite launching an all new operating system, and that’s not forgetting the issues surrounding the launch of the BBM app for rival platforms. Now it has been announced that the BlackBerry buyout deal has fallen through […]

Apple vs Samsung in Q3 US smartphones share


It’s always interesting to see the latest figures regarding smartphone market share for the US, and a new report shows that Apple vs Samsung Q3 US smartphone shipments sees Apple slightly ahead. This compares to Q2 figures when Samsung was slightly in front of Apple. Yesterday we gave readers details of global smartphone operating system […]

Android smartphone dominance in Q3 increases over Apple


Something we note time and time again at Phones Review is just how loyal people are to their choice of smartphone platforms. Every time we write about Samsung vs. Apple or Android vs. iOS we receive comments from readers keen to defend their own choice of operating system. The latest figures for Q3 show that […]

BlackBerry almost extinct as Android and Samsung surge

BlackBerry almost extinct as Android and Samsung surge

The smartphone market is highly competitive but there are certain manufacturers that are leading the way with a larger proportion of the pie, and now according to the latest market figures BlackBerry is almost extinct as Android and Samsung surge. According to figures for smartphone shipments during the third quarter of this year by ABI […]

Apple Q4 2013 earnings full breakdown, live stream

Apple Q4 2013 earnings full breakdown, live stream

Today we reported that the Apple Q4 2013 financial results would happen today, and now we can reveal the Q4 2013 earnings full breakdown. We all know that Apple recently started to sell its new iPhone 5S and 5C, and we have all been sitting on the edge of our seats wondering how well they […]

Apple iPhone 5S, 5C sales today in Q4 earnings call: Update

Apple iPhone, iPad sales today in Q4 earnings call

The iPhone 5S and 5C went on sale is Europe and US as well as a few other countries in September, and it was only last week 35 other countries got the two Apple smartphones. The iPad mini 2 and iPad Air was only launched last week, Apple will be holding its Q4 earnings call […]