Micromax Canvas Tabby launched for India as a Family-based slate

micromax canvas tabby

Children are more technologically advanced than some adults these days, and there are countless gadgets aimed at children. Micromax is getting in on the game with the newly announced Micromax Canvas Tabby, a kid-friendly slate that is geared for children and adults.

iPad Mini 4 indicator from accessory leak

iPad mini 4 accessory leak

We’re already hearing plenty about the next Apple iPhone, likely to be the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7. However, news on the next iPad mini hasn’t been so forthcoming. The iPad mini 3 released last October so it’s likely that the iPad mini 4 will arrive this fall. Now we’ve seen an iPad mini 4 […]

HP Pro Tablet 608 announced for the Business Crowd

HP Pro Tablet 608

HP may not be a brand we cover much in the mobile world, but they have plenty of tablets out there. A new one has been announced with the HP Pro Tablet 608, and it’s aimed at business-minded consumers in the U.S.

The Huawei T1 10 tablet heads to O2 in the UK

huawei T1 10 tablet

It can be tough to keep tabs on all Huawei’s releases as they tend to crank out a lot of devices and variants. The Huawei T1 10 is one of them, and the slate has just been announced for customers in the UK courtesy of O2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A and Tab E prices at India launch

Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Tab E India prices

Two new Samsung tablets have been announced for India today. We have details of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A and Galaxy Tab E prices at the India launch, along with news on specs and availability details. The Galaxy Tab A 8.0 and 9.7 released for some regions last month while the Galaxy Tab E 9.6 […]

New Kindle Paperwhite announced for $119, ships June 30th

kindle paperwhite

Before tablets were a part of our daily lives, there was the regular old Kindle. Amazon hasn’t forgot about the device, and today a new Kindle Paperwhite was announced with a better display.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 price announced for Taiwan

galaxy tab e 9.6

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E has been making the rounds through the rumor mill for a while now, but Sammy decided to make things official today by announcing the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 price for Taiwan.

Wickedleak Wammy Hero Tablet priced Rs. 8,990 for India

wickedleak wammy hero tablet

We’ve touched on a few gadgets from Wickedleak over the years, and today the company dropped two new devices for India with the Wickedleak Wammy Note 4 and the Wickedleak Wammy Hero Tablet. We’re going to take a quick look at the latter, which is available to purchase today.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 leak reveals connectivity options

samsung galaxy Tab e 9.7

In Feburary, we learned of the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 when it showed up on the popular benchmarking site GFXBench. Today it has reared its head again with a large Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 leak that gives us details on the variants and potential specs.

The sleek and slim Dell Venue 8 7000 arrives in India for Rs. 34,999

dell venue 8 7000

We knew Dell was going to bring the Dell Venue 8 7000 release to India, but we weren’t sure about the price or an actual release date. Well, both of those questions have been answered today, and if you’re looking for a powerful slate that in India, the Dell Venue 8 7000 is almost ready to roll.