iPad Air 3 design takes short and squat approach

iPad Air 3 design

The Apple iPad Air 2 released last year and has received widespread praise. It’s hard to imagine how its appearance could be improved on with the next iteration, but that’s where concept designers take over to provide us with possibilities. Today we have an iPad Air 3 design to show you, that takes the short […]

Surface Pro 3 whopping price saving at Best Buy

Surface Pro 3 whopping saving

If you’ve been thinking or purchasing the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 but haven’t got round to it yet, you may be interested in this next item of news. The Surface Pro 3 is available with a whopping price saving at Best Buy, but you may want to hurry as the offer only lasts through Saturday. […]

Dell Venue 10 7000 convertible introduced with Android 5.0

dell venue 10 7000

Dell was once a company most folks only associated with PC’s, but they’ve branched out to include all sorts of gadgets under their branding. The Dell Venue slates are one of them, and a new one has just been unveiled with the Dell Venue 10 7000.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 price and release date revealed for Germany

samsung galaxy tab a 9.7

We all knew Samsung had new tablets in the works, and one of the lineups is set to be the Galaxy Tab A’s. The tablets made an appearance in Russia last month, and now Sammy is getting ready to bring the slates to a wider audience in Europe. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 release is coming to Germany, and it’s set to arrive next month.

New Microsoft Surface 3 unveiled with official pricing

Microsoft Surface 3 official

Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro 3 tablet last year and now hot-on-the-heels of rumors suggesting a new tablet the company has announced a more affordable version. The Surface 3 offers a full Windows experience and will be available from May and will arrive for sale in 26 markets of the world. The new Microsoft Surface […]

HTC T1H specs show a new 8.9-inch HTC tablet

HTC T1H Tablet

Earlier today we told you about a slew of upcoming devices from HTC, and talked about the HTC A50AML smartphone. Now we’re going to take a look at a device that could be its companion with the HTC T1H. It’s a new tablet from the company, and it could be one to watch considering what they did with the Nexus 9.

Microsoft gearing up to release a new Surface Tablet

Microsoft Lumia 640 spot

We haven’t talked about Microsoft’s Surface tablet in a while, and that’s because there hasn’t been much to say. The majority of the planet saw the Surface Pro 3 released in August of last year, but we never got a mini or a Surface 2. If a new rumor pans out, the company has been quite, but not unproductive as we may soon see the follow-up to the Surface 2.

iBall Slide Q40i tablet announced for India at Rs. 4,999

iball slide Q40i

The last time we checked in on iBall they had just announced the oddly named Cobalt Oomph for India. Now they’re back with another new gadget, but this time it’s a tablet called the iBall Slide Q40i. It won’t impress you with its specs, but it also won’t break the bank with its Rs. 4,999 price tag.

The Best Buy 4 Hour Sale shaves $100 off the Nexus 9


Looking to save a wad of cash on one of the hottest Android slabs around? If so, you will want to head on over to Best Buy as they’re throwing a 4 Hour Sale that is knocking $100 off the Nexus 9.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V is a $135 Android slate

samsung galaxy tab 3V

In 2014, the Galaxy Tab S lineup gained Samsung a lot of new fans, and while we haven’t seen the company’s lineup for this year, they are already rolling out several midrange slates. One of the newest is called the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V, and it’s just been announced for Malaysia with the rock bottom price of $135.