Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 confirmation and leaked image

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 confirmation

There have been leaks and rumors emerging on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for a while now, but as is often the case this news has arrived some time before anything has been made official. Today that has changed though as there has been Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 confirmation, as well as a leaked image […]

New iPad Pro rumored to come with NFC, Stylus and Force Touch

apple logo

We haven’t talked about Apple’s 2015 tablet lineup too much this year, but we’ve just gotten wind of a bit of news regarding the new iPad Pro. If you feel like Apple’s been lagging behind in the tablet department, you may change your mind when you find out what they have in store for their gigantic slate.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 release date tipped for June

samsung logo

We first got wind of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 back in February when some benchmarks came to light, but we still weren’t sure of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 release date. Well, that has seemingly changed today as the rumor mill has pegged a release date for some time in June.

Micromax Canvas Laptab launch gives price and availability

Micromax Canvas Laptab launch

Today another new Micromax device has just been launched and it’s called the Canvas Laptab. If you feel like you’ve heard that name before then you may have done, as a dual boot version (Android and Windows) was shown at CES in 2014 that never launched. The Laptab that has been introduced today doesn’t feature […]

The Dell Venue 10 7000 gets listed with a QHD display and Android 5.0

dell venue 10 7000

We told you about the Dell Venue 10 7000 earlier this month, and while it seemed like a deal, we weren’t sure when it would arrive. Turns out, that was today as the QHD slate is ready to roll from Dell’s official website.

The Nokia N1 tablet release gets a little wider


A few days ago, reports surfaced that Nokia may return to the smartphone world. Needless to say, that got folks excited, and while Nokia has denied those reports, we do have a bit of good news. Remember that Nokia N1 tablet we told you about in December. Well, it looks like it’s finally ready to leave its homeland.

Micromax Canvas Tab P480 specs and availability announced for India

micromax canvas tab P480

Micromax makes plenty of smartphones, but their tablet selection is a bit slim by comparison. A new tablet has just been announced for India with the Micromax Canvas Tab P480, and it has a unique feature for tablets that makes it worth a look.

Acer unveils the Acer Predator gaming tablet

acer predator

Yesterday, we told you about a funky new handset called the Acer Liquid X2. That was just one of many products the company showed off, as they also unveiled a few laptops and a unique slate. That slate has one of the cooler product names we’ve seen this year, and it’s called the Acer Predator tablet.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 India release arrives with a Rs. 24,499 price tag

lenovo yoga tab 2

We cover a lot of low-power devices for India, but now we’re going to flip the script and take a look at a tablet with a bit more pop. Lenovo has just brought a new tablet to the region with the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2, and while it carries a Rs. 24,499 price tag, it offers up plenty of features to justify that price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A release slated for May 1st in the US

samsung galaxy tab a 9.7

Samsung said they were going to tidy up their smartphone and tablet lineups this year, and if you live in the states, you’ve got two new tablets coming your way with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.9 and Galaxy Tab A 9.7. They won’t tear up the benchmark charts, but they also won’t break the bank.