LB4400 Music Phone Unveiled by LG and iriver

LB4400 Music Phone Unveiled by LG and iRiver

In a joint venture smartphone maker LG has teamed with iriver to unveil the LG LB4400 music phone in South Korea. You’ve probably heard of LG but may not have heard of iriver who supplies an excellent range of media players which never make it to western shores. Spec wise the new LG LB4400, which […]

iPhone 4G vs. Dell Streak: Specification Comparison

iPhone 4G vs. Dell Streak: Specification Comparison

Maybe a better comparison should be between the new Dell Streak and the Apple iPad but we thought we’d do it slightly different and place the Dell Streak up against the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4G in a specifications comparison for you. So to start off, the new Dell Streak packs some serious specs […]

T Mobile have upset AT&T with their alleged deceptive advertising


AT&T are very upset with T Mobile in what they feel is disingenuous and deceptive advertising. Recently Verizon had aired a range of advertisements which belittled AT&T’s coverage and even by changing the iPhone’s slogan from There’s an app for that to There’s a map for that. As a result AT&T sued Verizon, lost and […]

iPhone 4G Q and A With Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

iPhone 4G Q and A With Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

As WWDC 2010 comes closer the rumours of the iPhone 4G are rife on the net waves, some of those rumours will no doubt turn out to be true while others will fall by the wayside. Today and article was published which takes a look at iPhone 4G rumours and facts and we have what […]

Sony shows us future with rollable OLED : Video


A very interesting video has turned up which makes very interesting viewing for sure. For those of you techno mad futuristic fanatics out there this is not to be missed. Thanks to another great article from Paul Lamkin over at for sharing this really amazing piece with us. Sony have been showing us just […]

Orange Boston Android to hit UK in June: New Update


Orange is getting ready to bring to the market a new series of a device which is intended to offer a wider range of customers the possibility to actually be able to try out a Smartphone. According to a recent article from Ionut Arghire over at the device to be more precise is an […]

Could iPhone 4G Name be N90 or Mammoth?

Could iPhone 4G Name be N90 or Mammoth

Now we have asked you many times what you would like the new iPhone 4G name to be, we have said iPhone 4G, iPhone HD or simply just iPhone. Well we reported earlier that the new iPhone 4G commercials would show a front-facing camera and reading from our source Engadget’s article they mention that this […]

Windows Phone 7 aka LG Panther GW910: Photos and Video

Windows Phone 7 aka LG Panther GW910- Photos and Video

The first Windows Phone 7 smartphone will be the LG Panther aka LG GW910; this is a touchscreen device with a QWERTY keypad and much more. We visited MobileTechWorld and they have a cool video, which you can see below and many photos of the phone and packaging, you can even visit their source Innovative […]

Nokia N900 Review and Problems: Consumer Opinions

Nokia N900 Review and Problems: Consumer Opinions

The Nokia N900 smartphone has been available for a while now and is the first Nokia handset to run the Maemo platform, and is probably the most talked about smartphone in Nokia’s N series, and we’d love to hear from our reader about their experienced with the Nokia N900. Spec wise the Nokia N900 packs […]

AT&T to launch HTC Aria with Android 2.1


It looks like wireless carrier AT&T will soon be joining the list of operators in the country to have Android based devices from HTC under their belt. The report comes from Ionut Arghire over at and would mean that AT&T are about to join the likes of Verizon, Sprint and T Mobile as they […]