Zen Mobile S10 Slider Phone Price: Now on Sale in India

Zen Mobile S10 Slider Phone Price- Now on Sale in India

Zen Mobile has just launched its S10 Slider Phone in India with a price tag of Rs. 4,999; this is the first multimedia phone in the country according to TechTree. This handset looks very nice and sleek with its metallic body and half decent features such as 2.2-inch TFT screen, 2-megapixel camera, comes with a […]

Nokia N900 software update 1.2 Release Dates UK and Worldwide

Nokia N900 software update 1.2 Release Date

All Nokia N900 smartphone owners will be happy to hear that there is a new software update 1.2 and its release date is set for tomorrow May 26 worldwide and in the UK today, this new 1.2 (version V10.2010.19-1). This new update will offer many enhancements to the Maemo5 mobile computer, this update is pretty […]

Motorola Droid Shadow Outed Like iPhone 4G?

Motorola Droid Shadow Outed Like iPhone 4G?

If you want you latest smartphone to make it into the public eye then it seems the best way is to leave said handset somewhere to be found. Sounds rather a similar situation to one previously splashed across the internet don’t it. According to an article over on Gizmodo by Kat Hannaford, a smartphone was […]

HTC Desire great contract deals in UK


There are now some really great contract deals available now for the HTC Desire which are available in the UK on a range of different networks. A recent article by Derrick Johnson over at ukpressreleases.co.uk via mobilerainbow.co.uk gives us further details on what is available and with who. The 6 different networks are Orange, Vodafone, […]

Nokia and Yahoo Team to Deliver “Powered by Ovi” Services

Nokia and Yahoo Team to Deliver “Powered by Ovi” Services

Monday Nokia announced a partnership with Yahoo which will see Nokia become the exclusive worldwide provider of maps and navigation services from Yahoo and will fall under the branding of “powered by Ovi.” According to an article over on ZDnet by David Meyer, Yahoo will also power Nokia Ovi Chat and Mail with Yahoo Messenger […]

iPhone 4G Price: How much will it cost?

iPhone 4G Price- How much will it cost

Obviously we would love to know if the new Apple iPhone 4G will be launched at WWDC 2010, but one major question everyone is asking is to do with the price; how much will it cost? We just took a quick peek on some forums and saw some interesting information via forum members over at […]

Nokia N8 release date 24th August


Here is some really good news for all you Nokia fanatics out there especially for those of you waiting patiently for further details in relation to the release date of the Nokia N8 well here it is. The date you want to into your diary is the 24th August, thanks to a report by Andrew […]

WWDC 2010: What Steve Jobs Won’t Announce

WWDC 2010: What Steve Jobs Won’t Announce

As reported yesterday, iPhone Guru Steve Jobs is going to make the keynote at WWDC 2010 on the 7th of June and it is expected Mr. Jobs will announced iPhone OS 4.0 and the much talked about and leaked iPhone 4G. However according to an article by Don Reisinger over on eweek there are at […]

Sprint iPhone 4G Release Confirmed: No Verizon Version Yet!

Sprint iPhone 4G Release Confirmed- No Verizon Version Yet

The latest word on the Sprint iPhone 4G comes via a Best Buy employee from Pennsylvania who has confirmed that its release is coming, Sprint will be the next carriers and should see the smartphone on the shelves within a few weeks. This latest news comes via product-reviews.net who reports that The TechUpdate received an […]

Apple iPhone or BlackBerry for business travellers?


As we know BlackBerry Smartphones are still very much attached to the business travellers although having said that it seems that dues to the current trends of Apple iPhones are making the iPhone as great alternative. A recent article by Chelsea Emery at edmontonjournal.com explains in more detail. A drug making company AstraZeneca Plc has […]