HTC EVO 4G Is It The Real iPhone Killer?

HTC EVO 4G Is It The Real iPhone Killer?

Let’s face it the “iPhone killer” smartphone has been sort after for quite some time with many devices hitting the market being tagged as the iPhone killer, and all failing, but there is a new smartphone that hits the shelves as of the 4th of June that could well stand up and snatch that “king […]

T Mobile to sell LG Sentio dLite and GS170


It has been reported just recently that T Mobile are intending to sell a trio of phones from LG Electronics namely the Sentio, dLite and the GS170. A report has been published over at confirms that the companies have made a new partnership. The carrier said that the Sentio and dLite devices which are […]

BlackBerry Bold 9650 coming to Verizon tomorrow


Here is some news that we were all pretty much expecting we just didn’t know when, until now that is as we hear as from June 3rd you can purchase the Blackberry Bold 9650 from Verizon. The article which has just been released by Bonnie Cha over at confirms what we have been waiting […]

Nokia and Sony concerned over deaths at Foxconn


Sadly we have all been made aware of the number of deaths recently at Foxconn the Smartphone chip maker manufacturer. We reported only a few days ago that there had been two suicides in just four days which you can catch up on here if you missed it, and then again today there has been […]

Sony Ericsson Vivaz FIFA edition 11 months free


Here is a really cool offer which is especially great for all you football fans out there. The Sony Ericsson Vivaz has a FIFA edition which is available right now on according to a recent report from the guys over at The Sony Ericsson Vivaz FIFA edition also offers up to 11 months […]

Nokia E72 on 3 Mobile UK £15 per month


A great deal is available for all you Nokia fans that are looking to get hold of the Nokia E72 in Black, as it is available on 3 Mobile UK from an amazing £15 per month which includes free Spotify premium on all tariffs for two months. A recent article from gives more details […]

Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft: Who Builds Better Platform?

Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft- Who Builds Better Platform

When it comes to Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft we would love to know who you think builds the better platform from the three giants. Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO was on stage with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg at the D8 conference and revealed quite a lot. Well Steve Jobs had a little say about […]

Android OS Upgrades to go Annually Eventually

Android OS Upgrades to go Annually Eventually

Google’s Android operating system hasn’t really been around that long when compared to other mobile operating systems, but Google has kept up with updating the Android OS albeit some delays from the carrier side of things, but the frequency of Android OS update will change in future. According to an article over on Pocket Now […]

Samsung Wave S8500 Problems: Infected 1GB microSD Card

Samsung Wave S8500 Problems- Infected 1GB microSD Card

The Samsung Wave S8500 Bada Smartphone seems to be experiencing problems; the problem is nothing to do with the phones itself it is the 1GB microSD memory card that ships with the handset that is the problem. Apparently according to MobileBurn Samsung has let a malware program called slmvsrv.exe onto slip on the card, there […]

Developers Prefer to Work on iPhone Apps Reports Study

Developers Prefer to Work on iPhone Apps Reports Study

Apparently the majority of software developers prefer building apps for the iconic iPhone and any rival operating system, according to a recent survey by market strategy group IGR. According to an article over on Itproportal by James Cullimore, the IGR study shows that almost 53% of app developer’s second choice of platform is Research In […]