T Mobile Pulse Mini just £99.99 with 3.2 MP Camera


We all know that the price of Smartphone’s are reducing and with the recent report over at softpedia.com in relation to the T Mobile Pulse Mini this just further shows just how cheap Smartphones are coming down to. The Pulse Mini is an Android based device which is now available in the UK for Pay […]

4G Network Rolled Out in Pennsylvania by Sprint

4G Network Rolled Out in Pennsylvania by Sprint

The way ahead in the mobile phone game is of course the 4G network, and although the Big Red is working on their 4G LTE network, it appears that Sprint is gaining ground in the 4G stakes as according to an article over on phandroid; Sprint has rolled out their 4G to central Pennsylvania. According […]

Chinese iPhone 3GS Now Packs WAPI WiFi

Chinese iPhone 3GS Now Packs WAPI WiFi

Now you all know the big bug bear with the iconic iPhone over in China, the fact that the Chinese government wouldn’t allow the official Chinese version of the iPhone being offered by China Unicom to come packing WiFi goodness although Apple and China Unicom have been in talks over the matter which you can […]

Nokia C3 Symbian S40 UK launch details and video


We have some good news for those of you that have been awaiting further information with regards to the low cost Nokia C3 QWERTY Symbian S40 phone as reported over at electricpig.co.uk The launch details for the UK have now been announced on Pay As You Go and it is said to cost not a […]

HTC Droid Incredible Camera Delivers Quality Snaps

HTC Droid Incredible Camera Delivers Quality Snaps

For several years low quality cameras have dominated the mobile phone, but with the 8 megapixel camera with auto-focus in the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible it turns picture snapping into more than just an afterthought reports an article over on the street. The Droid Incredible’s 8 megapixel camera raises the bar over the rest and […]

Palm Pixi Plus thinnest handset jets to Vodafone Spain


If you are looking for a really stylish and thin device with powerful features and a reliable network carrier then we may have the answer here for you right now. According to an article over at mobiletor.com we have an update on the date that the Palm Pixi Plus will be hitting the grounds in […]

Outlook Connector Upgrade 2010: Can it be done via phone?

Outlook Connector Upgrade 2010- Can it be done via phone

Everyone is talking about the new Outlook Connector Upgrade 2010 and that many of you may be bored with using Widows Live, well here we want to give you some quick news about it. There is now a new option called Microsoft Outlook Connector that you can download and is available as a plug-in, basically […]

LG GD880 Mini Gains a Video Review

LG GD880 Mini Gains a Video Review

For all those that may be interested in picking up the LG GD880 Mini smartphone we have a video review for your viewing pleasure today courtesy of the guys over at phone arena which delivers almost six minutes of reviewing goodness. LG introduced their LG GS880 Mini as the smallest handset with a 3.2 inch […]

Incredible HTC Droid Incredibly with $50 off


Even though the HTC Droid Incredible was only released a week ago, it has proved to be a much in demand Smartphone, as it has already sold out in some places. Verizon’s website claims due to high demand the device will ship by 14/05/2010. If however you cant wait that long and don’t want to […]

HTC Droid Incredible Update: Have you had Exchange e-mail Problems?

HTC Droid Incredible Update- Have you had Exchange e-mail Problems

Have you had Exchange e-mail Problems with the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible? We have already mentioned about the OTA update for the HTC Incredible and said that it fixes a few bugs; you can read about that here. The over-the-air software update via Verizon does address a few issues such as the Exchange used for […]