HTC Wildfire with free gift deal HD TV PS3 or Xbox 360


Generally you only really see tempting offers of free gifts on those pretty basic phones or phone tariffs, that is until now as you can get an amazing free gift when purchasing an HTC Wildfire. So here you don’t just get a great phone which has already received a lot of positive feedback but you […]

O2 Mobile Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus: Should I Buy?

O2 Mobile Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus- Should I Buy

We mentioned a while back about O2 Mobile UK and its Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus release date being May 28th, well now many of you will ask “Should I Buy? O2 has revealed that it will sell the two new mobile phones from Palm, here is a quick recap on the prices […]

Acer Liquid Stream Release Date: Android 2.1 Smartphone

Acer Liquid Stream Release Date- Android 2

The new Acer Liquid Stream release date is October 2010, the exact date is not known but at least you know it is coming in October. The Acer Liquid Stream smartphone was seen at Google I/O last week and the photo above is via AndroidandMe, Android France told EuroDroid via email that this new handset […]

BT signs up Tyntec for SMS hub servers


BT have signed up Tyntec in order to be able to provide SMS hub servers for network operators who are just that little not bothered about signing distribution deals with one another. The report comes from Bill Ray at We know that currently BT currently already provides signalling services and also carries the voice […]

Apple Retail Store Design Trademark Applied For.

Apple Retail Store Design Trademark Applied For.

In their never-ending pursuit to dominate and control everything that is Apple, the iconic iPhone maker applies for numerous trademarks to protect their goods. Last one we heard of was iTunes Live, and before that it was Made for iPhone. Wee now it appears that Apple is taking the trademark thing a step further as […]

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition Accessories

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition Accessories

Yes we know that the Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition is a tad old now, but it appears many of our readers are search for Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition accessories so we thought we’d see what we could come up with to help out. For example, the Nokia website has a few compatible accessories on hand […]

Nokia X6 Review, Accessories, Problems and Questions

Nokia X6 Review, Accessories, Problems and Questions

We are asking all our readers who own the Nokia X6 to come forward and reveal all, it is ok for people like us to give you our personal reviews but we are only one, you are the most important and only those who have this handset knows best. If you do own the Nokia […]

HTC Vision Specs leaked update


We reported here just a couple of days ago about the HTC Vision, and now we have a little more information on that HTC device for you thanks to a recent post over at The new device from HTC us yet another Android effort going at the moment with the codename Vision. Although there […]

New Apple iPhone could threaten Google in June says Jobs


Steve Jobs is at it again with his short and very much to the point emails, and the latest is on Google. In relation to the coming iPhone 4. In a recent article over at by we can now share those very important words of confidence from Mr Jobs with you. It came as […]

Nokia Ovi Maps v3.04 Released for Download

Nokia Ovi Maps v3.04 Released for Download

The Ovi Maps firmware has now received a update from Nokia taking the version to 3.04 and delivers several new features along with offering a faster user experience, and delivers in excess of 2 million kilometres of extra road globally. According to the article by Mikey bee over on NokNok, the latest additions found in […]