Samsung introduces 2nd projector phone the Beam to Korean market


Samsung have announced their second projector phone to the Korean markets, the device known as the Samsung Beam, thanks to a recent article over at we have more details for you. The Samsung Beam is the successor to the Samsung Haptic beam the first projector phone that Samsung released to the market. The new […]

HTC Looking to Make their Own Mobile Phone Operating System?

HTC Looking to Make their Own Mobile Phone Operating System?

HTC manufacture numerous smartphones for the mobile arena including the Nexus One, HTC EVO 4 G and Verizon HTC Incredible, and the latest rumour is that HTC may acquire Palm and their webOS smartphones, but relying on outside companies to supply operating systems for their phones isn’t the way to go. According to an article […]

Adobe May Fight Back with Apple lawsuit

Adobe May Fight Back with Apple lawsuit

Apparently Adobe has just about come to the end of the line concerning Adobe Flash and Apple keeping their software off the iPhone as according to an article over on pocket-lint, sources suggest the Apple/Adobe relationship is going to get uglier. Apparently an article over on itworld suggest that Adobe is preparing a lawsuit against […]

Can the iPhone 4G create same rage as Apple iPad?

Can the iPhone 4G create same rage as Apple iPad

One name “Apple” two products “iPhone 4G” and “iPad”, two devices causing such a stir around the world, the iPad has already caused a rage when it was released to the public in USA, no doubt it will be the same in the UK. We would love to know if the new iPhone 4G, iPhone […]

Motorola Milestone 2.1 Android update held up for UK


Motorola started the roll out of the over the air Android 2.1 software update recently for the Milestone although not in all of the markets where the device is available according to an article over at Lucky users in both Italy and France are now able to enjoy the latest version on their handsets […]

Official Glee iPhone App coming soon

Official Glee iPhone App coming soon

Good news for all you Glee fans out there, the new official Glee iPhone app is coming soon and we will let you know the date. The Glee page clearly shows that Glee is coming to the iPhone soon, it is suggested it could be Thursday (Tomorrow). If you click the link above you […]

Verizon iPhone Bottom Line By Analyst


Concerning the much talked about Verizon iPhone, Apple has thus far offered no new info on a possible launch date for the Verizon iPhone. However according to an article over on barrons, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch are filling in some of the details and give an analysis of impact of the much talked about event. […]

iPhone 4G aka HD and OS 4.0 Unveil Date: June 22, possibly

iPhone 4G aka HD and OS 4.0 Release Date- June 22, possibly

There are many rumours flying around at the moment when it comes to Apple unveiling the new iPhone 4G, iPhone HD (Whatever it will be called), and the main talk is about its launch date. Apparently the iPhone 4G, aka HD unveil date will be June 22, Gadget Venue reports that this is not concrete […]

Telstra gets Xperia X10 4th May


Telstra announced recently their intentions to launch another Android based mobile device, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. The handset is said to be with Telstra from May 4th. Thanks to an article over at Australian customers can then enjoy the capabilities and the features of this wonderful handset and you can also head over […]

Apple to completely overhaul 2011 iPhone


Apple have realised that a decent camera is something most look for when purchasing a new Smartphone, and as a result are now revamping iPhone’s camera presumably the 4G version of the iPhone in 2011. It has been reported that Apple may end soon their contract that they currently have with OmniVision who supply the […]