iPhone 4G Price: How much will it cost?

iPhone 4G Price- How much will it cost

Obviously we would love to know if the new Apple iPhone 4G will be launched at WWDC 2010, but one major question everyone is asking is to do with the price; how much will it cost? We just took a quick peek on some forums and saw some interesting information via forum members over at […]

Nokia N8 release date 24th August


Here is some really good news for all you Nokia fanatics out there especially for those of you waiting patiently for further details in relation to the release date of the Nokia N8 well here it is. The date you want to into your diary is the 24th August, thanks to a report by Andrew […]

WWDC 2010: What Steve Jobs Won’t Announce

WWDC 2010: What Steve Jobs Won’t Announce

As reported yesterday, iPhone Guru Steve Jobs is going to make the keynote at WWDC 2010 on the 7th of June and it is expected Mr. Jobs will announced iPhone OS 4.0 and the much talked about and leaked iPhone 4G. However according to an article by Don Reisinger over on eweek there are at […]

Sprint iPhone 4G Release Confirmed: No Verizon Version Yet!

Sprint iPhone 4G Release Confirmed- No Verizon Version Yet

The latest word on the Sprint iPhone 4G comes via a Best Buy employee from Pennsylvania who has confirmed that its release is coming, Sprint will be the next carriers and should see the smartphone on the shelves within a few weeks. This latest news comes via product-reviews.net who reports that The TechUpdate received an […]

Apple iPhone or BlackBerry for business travellers?


As we know BlackBerry Smartphones are still very much attached to the business travellers although having said that it seems that dues to the current trends of Apple iPhones are making the iPhone as great alternative. A recent article by Chelsea Emery at edmontonjournal.com explains in more detail. A drug making company AstraZeneca Plc has […]

Apple iPhone 3GS for just $97 at Walmart now


Here is some good news for those of you that are interested in getting hold of an Apple iPhone 3GS as a recent article by Siyahi over at devicemag.com via afterdawn explains that a great deal is on offer from Walmart. The Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB will now be sold through Walmart stores at a […]

iPhone 3GS Price Drop to Make Way for iPhone 4G Perhaps?

iPhone 3GS Price Drop to Make Way for iPhone 4G Perhaps?

If you want to clear stock of an item quick the best way to do so is to lower the price and make that item a little more attractive, especially if you are perhaps expecting something new to turn up shortly, and of course I’m talking about the iPhone. Apparently a report over on CNN […]

HTC Desire Android 2.2 aka Froyo Release Update: June 23

HTC Desire Android 2.2 aka Froyo Release Update- June 23

More news about the HTC Desire and the Android 2.2 aka Froyo release update, first of all an XDA member got hold of HTC who was a little frustrated because they did not have enough space on their handset to install more applications. According to Ali Waqas via Addictive Tips the customer had a little […]

AT&T launch LG Vu Plus Mobile TV device


AT&T have announced the launch of a new T&T mobile TV capable device which is known as the LG Vu Plus it is expected to soon be available for purchase from all AT&T stores and also online on the carriers website. Thanks to an article from Ionut Arghire over ay softpedia.com via att.com for sharing […]

BlackBerry Pearl 3G Accessories: New Case-Mate Cases

BlackBerry Pearl 3G Accessories- New Case-Mate Cases

The BlackBerry Pearl 3G has some new cases made by Case-Mate; these are a good choice if you wish to protect your brand new Pearl 3G. CrackBerry has chosen these 3 cases and we would love to hear from you if they tickle your fancy spots. The source above says that during WES 2010 there […]