Nexus One Running Quake III Video Demo

Nexus One Running Quake III Video Demo

For all you mobile gaming fans out there we have a little treat for you in the form of Quake III running on the Nexus One superphone, now most have seen Quake III running on the Motorola Droid with its QWERTY keyboard but the Nexus One doesn’t have a physical keyboard. The video although not […]

iPhone to be unveiled in UK by 3 soon


3 is all set to be launching the iPhone here in the UK in the very near future following months of speculation that it’s going to start offering the device from Apple. Thanks to a recent article over at we now have more information on the said launch. Although a definitive timescale hasn’t been […]

Vodafone defend dropping fair usage. 500MB is that enough?


Vodafone have defended their move to drop its fair use policy which we covered here the other day in case you missed it the first time round, and instead have replaced with a text notification when a user is approaching their data limit. The guys over at have spoken with the network in order […]

Samsung Acclaim to be launched by US Cellular this July


According to an article from the guys over at it seems that US Cellular are a carrier all set to expand their mobile phone line-up as much as they possibly can. The company has a lot of praise for the handsets running under Google’s Android operating system and previously had announced plans to bring […]

ZTE intentions include Android and Windows Phone 7 Devices


The Chinese handset manufacturer ZTE has some big plans for the mobile phone market according to a recent report over at The company claim that they are capable of becoming the third maker by shipment volumes during the next four years taking a seat alongside Nokia and Samsung in the top three vendors in […]

Android OS is Beating iPhone OS States New Report

Android OS is Beating iPhone OS States New Report

The smartphone operating systems battle continues as a new report shows that the Android operating system is beating the iPhone operating system as it outsold the iPhone in Q1 of 2010 according to research by NPD reports the guys over at Mashable. Apparently during Q1 2010 Android smartphone accounted for 28% of smartphone sales while […]

General Motors (GM) plans for OnStar: Smartphone App Integration

General Motors GM plans for OnStar- Smartphone App Integration

General Motors (GM) are moving ahead with the times and are hopefully going to plan big things with OnStar according to CNN Money, apparently new features will be added such as new functions that will make the service more usable by customers. They are relaunching this summer, but the partner is a mystery. We are […]

HTC HD2 Upgrading is Somewhat Problematic Says T-Mobile Users

HTC HD2 Upgrading is Somewhat Problematic Says T-Mobile Users

Apparently some T-Mobile customers who want to upgrade to the Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC HD2 smartphone are experiencing some problems with doing so even though the HTC HD2 is apparently in stock and available on the T-Mobile online store and retail locations reports softpedia. Apparently their info sourced over at engadget, has T-Mobile saying the […]

HTC Max 4G Reviews and Problems: Your Opinions

HTC Max 4G Reviews and Problems- Your Opinions

Say hello to the HTC Max 4G, we have known about this smartphone for a long time and we thought we would ask for you to send in your personal reviews, please do send us anything in the way of problems as well that you are having with this handset. Now we have come across […]

Dolphin Browser HD Released to Android Market: Video demo

Dolphin Browser HD Released to Android Market: Video demo

There’s a new version of the Dolphin browser now available on the Android Market called Dolphin Browser HD and is said to be “fast and elegant” however for those of you packing smartphone sporting under Android 2.0 this one isn’t for you. The Dolphin Browser HD is only for the Android 2.0 platform and features […]