Palm won’t be getting the bid from HTC


We have all heard of the troubles that have surrounded Palm Inc just recently with rumours in relation to potential buyers of the company. A report of at via gives us an update. It has been reported that the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC have decided against bidding for Palm. An internal source revealed that […]

Wait for iPhone 4G, not worth buying 3GS: Roundup

Wait for iPhone 4G, not worth buying 3GS Roundup

The Apple iPhone 4G news over the last week or so has put us right on the edge of our seats, with many readers searching whatever they can about this new device. Since Gizmodo got their hands on the prototype it has been manic on the web, here is what we know so far. The […]

SBK 2010 on your iPhone or iPod Touch just $4.99


Another great app is available for all you Super Bike fans out there for just $4.99 you can get the app that will keep you in the loop with all the latest goings on. Thanks to SBK 2010 is the official application of FIM Super bike World Championship. What you can expect for your […]

If Apple buys ARM other smartphones could suffer?


Here we go again, more rumours and speculations rising and getting hotter by the minute. It seems that Apple are showing a great deal of interest in purchasing ARM Holdings. The impact though could be rather serious, couldn’t it? What kind of an impact will this have on other Smartphones should this purchase succeed? We […]

New iPhone 4G vs. Dell Lightning Windows Phone 7: Vote

New iPhone 4G vs. Dell Lightning Windows Phone 7

What would you choose out of the new iPhone 4G or the new Dell Lightning Windows Phone 7? We will give you a few main specs on each device and then you can judge out of the two, which one would most suit you. Lets start with the new Apple iPhone 4G that Gizmodo got […]

Samsung S8500 Waves from various online stores now


Lets be honest we have all been expecting this but it’s still nice when you hear it for real. The Samsung S8500 Bada Wave is appearing in various online stores across the world. This is a fair bit ahead of the initially expected release date of May. It is more than welcome though and it […]

Google Gives Up on Nexus One problems have you been affected?


For some many months now a substantial number of Google Nexus One owners have been complaining in Google’s support forums over the performance or lack of it on T Mobile’s 3G network. We have reported previously on this story here in case you missed it and want to refresh your memory. Apparently Google are now […]

Samsung Omnia II Microsoft 6.5.3 OS Firmware Upgrade


Samsung have recently confirmed something which will be good news for those of you out there that are in possession of an Omnia II. They are going to be releasing a free firmware upgrade for the Omnia II users. This update will bring with it the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system 6.5.3. The […]

Nokia Symbian^3 delayed until Q3, Symbian^4 Devices 2011

Nokia Symbian3 delayed until Q3, Symbian4 Devices 2011

Many investors will not be happy around about now because Symbian^3 has been delayed and will not release until Q3 2010. Apple so far to date has done very well indeed with a massive $3 billion profit, and sales were truly amazing, well this cannot be said about Nokia. Ok so Nokia has boosted its […]

Nokia Q1 2010 financial results: Ups and Downs


With most financial results you expect to see some slipping and sliding and pretty much that is what has come out of Nokia’s financial results which have just came out in an article over on We’ll start with the serous stuff ands finish with some light hearted figures for you. The company had 9.5 […]