LG C710 Aloha Android Smartphone are these images it


The LG C710 happens to be still just a rumoured Android based Smartphone, having said that we now have more information in the form of some images that could be of the said phone. Although there is a lot of guess work and assumption involved with the hyped speculation the specs do actually seem to […]

Samsung Bada Lower End Phones Get Spotted

Samsung Bada Lower End Phones Get Spotted

So far the only smartphone to sport Samsung’s new Bada operating system is the Samsung Wave handset, and to get the Bada OS out there Samsung is going to need to push out a few more handsets if Bada is ever going to catch on. Well apparently that’s all being planned as an article over […]

Apple iPad Jailbroken by iPhone Dev Team

Apple iPad Jailbroken by iPhone Dev Team

It appears that the iPhone Dev Team are extremely on the ball, as Apple’s latest creation, the Apple iPad has only just gone on sale, but has already apparently been jailbroken by the guys that normally jailbreak the iPhone according to a report on intomobile. They have even posted a video of a working iPad […]

HTC Legend Unboxing and Hardware Tour Videos

HTC Legend Unboxing and Hardware Tour Videos

Of course when one mentions the HTC Desire it’s usually followed by more word on the HTC Legend and visa versa, and to this end, having just posted a couple of videos for the HTC Desire we now have a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure of the HTC Legend smartphone. The first video […]

HTC Desire Gains Video Review

HTC Desire Gains Video Review

We have a couple of desirable videos for your viewing entertainment this Easter Monday, two videos that give the Google Nexus One doppelganger, the HTC Desire smartphone a nice long review and comes courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile. The HTC Desire video review has been done by the guys over at mobile […]

Vodafone mobile handset pre installed with malware


It’s not good news for Vodafone at the moment as it seems there may be a problem with handsets due to a computer in the production line being infected. Trend Micro researchers have revelled that it is likely that a computer in Vodafone’s production line has been infected. Internet content security firm Trend Micro claim […]

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series now Windows Phone 7


Microsoft have had a change of heart and have now realised the journalists pain all around the world having to type out Windows Phone 7 Series so have decided to drop the Series to save all that bother. No seriously, Microsoft have actually confirmed that they are getting rid of the Series element from the […]

Nokia N900 overclocked to 1GHz: 900MHz is more stable


Looks like the Nokia N900 has been overclocked to 1GHz, this means that users will see a massive improvement in speed. Someone named Lehto over on Maemo.org said that they increased the voltage, tests have been done and many applications have been tested that require heavy CPU calculating power, after tests of 10-15min bursts they […]

Apple stocks rocket with Verizon iPhone rumours and iPad launch


Apple stocks have gone through the roof with the constant rumours of the Verizon iPhone and of course the recent launch of the Apple iPad. People all over are eagerly waiting for the launch of the new Apple iPhone CDMA and ignoring the conflicting signals that the company are dishing out in this regard. The […]

Nokia Vertu Constellation Ayxta unboxed


Here’s an interesting article from the guys over at slashgear.com via geardiary.com in relation to a rather expensive Nokia cellphone. The Nokia Vertu Constellation Ayxta. So what do you get for your hard earned cash all $7k’s worth of it. Well, your sure to get plenty of stainless steel for that cash some leather a […]