BT Flood Update: Cleared overnight, still problems on April Fools Day


Yesterday we reported that there was a huge water flood that knocked down BT services across the UK, which left broadband and telephone outages. Good news is that the flood has been cleared overnight says BT. BBC News had said that the flood caused electrical faults, which also sparked a fire at an exchange in […]

Google April Fool Topeka Boring: Translate for Animals app is better


Yes April Fools Day is here and there will be so many jokes and pranks happening today, the latest to hit the web is from Google. Google has officially changed its name to Topeka, ok then. We found via i4U and apparently Google did not make this decision lightly, last month the mayor of Topeka, […]

April fools day texts & messages


April fools day is here again and we have some great entertaining pranks to brighten up your day. There are a number of different ways to have a laugh and some are free for the iPhone the fake conversation. There is also Fake A Call $1 for iPhone and Android phones. The idea behind these […]

iPhone 4G aka HD Damn: Is front facing camera in wrong position?


Two days ago we showed you the photo of the new iPhone 4 (aka 4G or HD), damn Apple at least tell us what it will be called please. Well we got visits from Mac Rumors and its readers had something very interesting to say about the front facing camera, basically saying that the camera […]

Apple fans prepare for iPad mania this Saturday


We all remember back when the first iPhone was launched and the people lining up paying hundreds of dollars for a mobile phone that promised to be better. Now we have the Apple iPad to look forward to, plenty of people have already parted with $500 or more in some cases for a device that […]

Ofcom rules Mobile Phone charges to be cut by 2011


Telecoms regulator Ofcom have cut the cost that mobile phone companies can charge for connecting a call from another network or landline. The latest ruling should come into effect from 2011 and the a cost has been cut from 4.3 pence per minute to just 0.5 pence by 2015. Another announcement is that also from […]

Palm Pre Plus Verizon just $29.99 on Amazon


There is an amazing deal on at Amazon at the moment which is available for the next 13 hours so dont waste time you’ll need to move fast for this one. Its for the Palm Pre Plus which runs on the Palm webOS mobile platform, the 3G for Verizon Wireless brings together all of your […]

Research In Motion (RIM) earnings update: Expectations disappointing


We reported earlier that Research In Motion (RIM) 4th quarter results would take a large jump, with 24 per cent sales growth and 41 per cent profits, well these expectations are disappointing. According to Reuters RIM shares has taken a fall as mobile phone sales disappoint, Asian market shows that RIMS profit rose to $710.1 […]

Virgin Mobile new tariffs is no April Fools Day joke


Tomorrow is April Fools Day and the latest Virgin Mobile new tariffs in no joke, customers will be happy to know that VM has unveiled new prices for new and existing Virgin Media customers. Virgin has unveiled that they will be knocking off £5 the cost of mobile contracts on all contracts even if you […]

BT flood: Has your broadband or phone service been affected?


Bad news for BT and its customers today because a major flood in Paddington, London has affected broadband and phone services across the UK. BBC News has reported that the Major flood at a BT exchange has affected services and a BT statement says that it could not tell when either of the services will […]