HTC EVO 4G will cost $200 and ship 6th June


Thanks to the recent post over at for this very interesting information in relation to the upcoming HTC EVO 4G. A tipster has brought some photos of some up to date promotional material for the Android 2.1 powered HTC Evo 4G together with some additional information which was leaked to AndroidCentral. The information has […]

Android working on iPhone 3G video


You may or may not recall back in April we reported on hacker David Wong and his workmanship on getting Android to run on an iPhone 2G, if you missed it you can see it here. Now according to a report over on at that time David Wong claimed that he would be getting […]

Vodafone ends data abuse by charging £5 each additional 500MB


Vodafone are claiming to be about to put an end to data abuse on their network according to a recent report over on by now charging customers. Customers will be charged an additional £5 for each 500MB of data used over the initial 500. This measure is going to be in place for users […]

Nokia Ovi Contacts 1.5 Update Reviews and Problems

Nokia Ovi Contacts 1.5 Update, Graphics Facelift and Improvements

We have visited Nokia Beta Labs and we came across an article written by Anni Goman, Ovi Contacts. The Nokia Ovi Contacts 1.5 has recently been updated. The update will now give you new features and improvements thanks to a few tweaks; Ovi Contacts 1.5 client update now gives you a graphics facelift and performance […]

Google Goggles v1.1 Update for Android Smartphones: Your Reviews

Google Goggles v1.1 Update for Android Smartphones- Your Reviews

Google has just rolled out an update to Google Goggles, which is now at v1.1. It now comes with a translation feature; this new app update seems to be very good indeed according to EuroDroid. Everyone loves travelling to another country but we also know speaking a different language is very hard indeed, how many […]

General Election 2010 and UK Results iPhone Apps

UK Election

We have here three iPhone apps to do with the General Election 2010; these apps are called ‘Election UK’, ‘Election 2010’ and ‘Election Results’. First up is Election UK, this iPhone application contains UK Election history information from 1832 to Recent Elections and all UK Prime Ministers, it has Prime Ministers information, political career like […]

AT&T won’t let go of iPhone during 2010


We are all fully aware that AT&T are more than keen on having the iPhone available exclusively on their network in the United States and according to a recent post over on it seems they wont be letting go of it during 2010. Previous news had led us to believe that the exclusivity agreement […]

Poll: Do you use Facebook more on smartphone or PC?

Poll- Do you use Facebook more on smartphone or PC

We would love to know if smartphones are more popular than PCs and this is why we are asking the question “Do you use Facebook more on smartphone or PC?” Personally I use my phone more than the PC (Desktop or Laptop). Facebook is the most used social networking site in the world with millions […]

Samsung S3370 aka Corby 3G Now Official in Russia


We saw the first Samsung S3370 back in March of this year, and now according to an article over at via it has now been officially announced in Russia. It is being sold in Russia as the Corby 3G, a little puzzling really as it was always though that the m5650 Lindy was […]

HTC Incredible Accessories: Extra 1500mAh Capacity Battery

HTC Incredible Accessories- Extra 1500mAh Capacity Battery

If you own the HTC Droid Incredible you know there is not a lot of accessories available for the handset yet, well official ones that is. There have been a few issues with battery life with the Incredible so far, which you can read about here. If you are experiencing problems with your current battery […]