iPhone and iPad Boxee App On Its Way?

iPhone and iPad Boxee App On Its Way?

It looks like the social media software Boxee which is designed to deliver internet video to televisions is looking to move into the mobile space, but not just any old mobile space as a report over on pcworld via the LA Times, the Boxee website shows a job listing which shows they are looking for […]

Samsung B3310 side slider in Blue Pink or Black


Thanks for a recent article over at techreviews.net which gives us more information on the Samsung B3310 side slider mobile phone, which is far from being described as a conventional device. Many people that have caught a glimpse of the Samsung B3310 will probably agree it does look a little strange but there is a […]

Motorola Intelligent SIM for Enterprise Customised Mobile Applications

Motorola Intelligent SIM for Enterprise Customised Mobile Applications

In Europe, Motorola has a new intelligent SIM known as iSIM and is currently powering a parental control app for GSM mobile phones and will apparently be available to enterprises that want to customise their mobile handsets for their sales force or other app across a whole group of workers reports the street. The Motorola […]

Verizon to conduct user trials of its LTE service in the summer


Verizon Wireless will be turning on its commercial LTE markets during the summer according to a comment from a company executive. It has been reported that the comments serve to narrow the carrier’s next generation network launch window. CTO of Verizon Communications Richard Lynch said that in the fourth quarter we’ll be turning in markets […]

India’s 3G WCDMA Spectrum Auction Bids Climb Over $1 Billion

India’s 3G WCDMA Spectrum Auction Bids Climb Over $1 Billion

It appears that the 3G WCDMA spectrum auction in India is moving along swiftly as according to an article over on daily markets reports that the bidding price has reportedly climbed to INR45.8 billion which is roughly about $1.03 billion. The figure is about 31 percent above the floor price which is set by the […]

New iPhone Version June Launch, July Release Says SaskTel Boss

New iPhone Version June Launch, July Release Says SaskTel Boss

Now you may or may not have heard of SaskTel who are based in Saskatchewan as they aren’t that big a mobile carrier in Canada and are very regional subscriber wise. Well it appears that the CEO of SaskTel, Robert Watson has dropped some news about a new iPhone according to an article over on […]

T Mobile offers Nokia E72 just £20 per month


Here is some really good news for all those interested in getting your hands on the Nokia E72 at a reasonable price. You can get the Nokia E72 now from T Mobile for just £20 per month with an 18 month contract. For a mobile device that allows you to receive emails in real time […]

New iPhone HD 4th Generation Images or not?


A nice way to start the last day of the week with some images supposedly of the new iPhone 4th Generation HD. Thanks to the folks over at sizlopedia.com via macrumours.com for this article. There are some interesting leaked images that appear to be the 4th Generation iPhone HD, one thing that is rather interesting […]

Protection for your Motorola Droid, Palm Pre, Palm Pixi from OtterBox


If you are interested in getting some ultimate protection for your latest gadgets or technological stuff then you need look no further than OtterBox. People have tried and tested the cases, and have even thrown them against walls and driven over them in SUV’s only to show the result of the product remaining largely unscathed. […]

HTC Incredible Official press release, specs, price and date


Some of us thrive on all the rumours and speculation and lets be honest there have been loads of them in relation to the HTC Droid Incredible for quite some time now. Good news is though, it does actually look like our waiting has all been worth while. Verizon and HTC are about to put […]