Apple WWDC 2010 Sold Out: iPhone 4G and OS 4

Apple WWDC 2010 Officially Sold Out- That was quick

Apple WWDC 2010 (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) has now officially sold out in only a mere 8 days, not that was quick. The WWDC 2010 that is being held in San Francisco June 7-11 is going to be the best one by far if they mention the iPhone 4G and OS 4 (4.0), hopefully they […]

Microsoft KIN One and Two Reviews: Submit Yours Now!

Microsoft KIN One and Two Reviews- Submit Yours Now

You can now buy the Microsoft KIN One and KIN Two via Verizon Wireless for $49.99 and $99.99, well we would love to know if you have bought one yet and if so what one and why. What model did you buy and if so have you received it yet, what are your out of […]

HTC Incredible Reviews: What’s been said so far!

HTC Incredible Reviews- Whats been said so far

The HTC Droid Incredible was all the rage before it was released on Verizon Wireless and we ask our readers to send in their personal reviews and opinions about this device. We have been reading very closely at what our readers have sent in and it does not look that good for the HTC Incredible […]

Verizon iPhone and HTC EVO 4G will release head-to-head


When this model was launched which was back at CTIA it was known as the HTC Supersonic which we covered in an article here. And as the device had the ability to support WiMAX it made it a hot favourite. An article over at gives us more information on the HTC Evo 4G release […]

HTC Droid Incredible vs. iPhone 3GS Media Battle Video

HTC Droid Incredible vs. iPhone 3GS Media Battle Video

We have another video battle today between the new HTC Droid Incredible on Verizon and the iconic iPhone 3GS on AT&T in a head to head battle of media capabilities. This is the second part of a two part comparison between these smartphones, the first of which can be viewed (here) The video comparison which […]

LG Cookie Fresh GS290 on way to UK soon


LG have recently announced the availability of the LG Cookie Fresh in the UK according to a recent article over at LG being one of the leaders in mobile phone manufacturing and also retailing. The Cookie Fresh GD290 comes with a full touchscreen display and the usual feature you would expect from the original […]

Verizon iPhone Wont Release This Year Says Analyst

Verizon iPhone Wont Release This Year Says Analyst

For all you Verizon hopefuls out there on the Big Red network who was hoping beyond hope that Verizon would finally release the iPhone, it looks like you’re in for a disappointment as it doesn’t look like the iPhone will come to Verizon in 2010. According to an article over on Gizmodo by way of […]

New iPhone 4G will record videos in HD


One of the features which is intended to be able to provide developers in iPhone OS 4 are the new API’s which will give developers full access to capture video. The Apple iPhone 4G which has been rumoured all over the place recently is now confirmed to be able to record videos in HD (720p). […]

Nokia X6 for free at Tesco Phone Shop


Tesco Phone Shop have announced another amazing deal today according to a recent article over at if your interested in getting hold of a Nokia X6 for free then read on. For just £25 per month you can have the Nokia X6 on Orange, you also get 500 minutes, 500 Mb of internet browsing […]

Nokia C3 on Vodafone in June


It would seem that Vodafone has got there again as it has been recently reported over at that they will be getting the Nokia C3 handset in June. The Nokia C3 handset which we have more details on here, will be available on Vodafone on an exclusive Pay As You Go deal. Although a […]