New iPhone 2010 and Verizon news see shares and Stocks rise


Yesterday we reported news about the all new Apple iPhone 2010 aka iPhone HD coming this summer and a new Verizon iPhone coming later in the year, well it seems all the latest news has seen stocks and shares rise for Apple and Verizon. Apple is indeed working on new iPhone and a Verizon version, […]

iPhone SDK 3.2 Gold Master Seed for iPad, details


The iPhone SDK 3.2 Gold Master Seed (GM Seed) has been finally released for the Apple iPad for paying developer program members. All iPad apps that are submitted must be built using this new iPhone SDK 3.2 GM Seed release, you can submit them to iTunes Connect where they will be reviewed and approved. You […]

iPad users could make use of Apple’s MobileMe

iPad users could make use of Apple’s MobileMe

According to an article over on macdailynews via crn, the best improvement Apple could make to their MobileMe is to make it available to the Apple iPad which launches on the 3rd of April, and the iPad should make MobileMe easier to manage and navigate. Apparently a case in point is the calendaring feature which […]

iPad Tutorial Videos Released by Apple

iPad Tutorial Videos Released by Apple

For all you iPhone OS lovers out there who are after an Apple iPad you may like to learn a thing or two about Apple’s latest creation, therefore according to an article over on macobserver, Apple has now released several iPad tutorial videos for your consumption. Apparently there are eleven iPad tutorial videos for your […]

HTC Desire: Orange and Vodafone Customers get from Carphone Warehouse


If you want the HTC Desire smartphone you do not have to wait until Orange and Vodafone stock it, you can go direct to Carphone Warehouse right now. The HTC Desire is on T-Mobile and a few other networks at the moment and will be coming to Orange and Vodafone, but seeing as CPW is […]

Vodafone and Verizon Talk Join Venture Returns

Vodafone and Verizon Talk Join Venture Returns

The word is British carrier Vodafone is speaking with Verizon with a view to enhancing returns from their United States join venture reports an article over on topnews, and apparently Vodafone UK is pondering several options one of which is a full merger of the division. Verizon Communications is the majority shareholder with 55% of […]

iPhone HD not 4G, specs, release date and Verizon: Update


Yesterday we told you about the new iPhone 2010 will debut this summer and that there will be a Verizon iPhone CDMA version too, well we have some more news for you courtesy of Device Mag. Well say hello to the new iPhone HD, it has been going on for quite sometime now where we […]

Motorola i1 coming to SouthernLINC Wireless


It was recently announced by Motorola and SouthernLINC Wireless that they planned to release the recently unveiled Motorola i1, the first push to talk Android based Smartphone on the iDEN network. The handset is expected to be available at all SouthernLINC Wireless sales and service locations, authorised dealers and through the company’s website during the […]

AT&T Could Benefit IF BlackBerry Users Switch to iPhone

AT&T Could Benefit IF BlackBerry Users Switch to iPhone

Well that is a fairly obvious statement one would think. According to an article over on trefis, a survey by Crowd Science shows that if a large percentage of all BlackBerry users where to swap from their BlackBerry smartphone over to the iPhone it would benefit AT&T. The recent survey showed that if, and it’s […]

Watch Large Hadron Collider (LHC) test on mobile phones


The massive Large Hadron Collider (LHC) test today will happen today at some point but for now it has been delayed due to a power glitch, well you can watch the test via mobile phones according to Tech Radar. This test will hit the web and become an Internet sensation, it will be broadcasted on […]