HTC EVO 4G in Oprah Winfrey Hands Before Release Date

HTC EVO 4G in Oprah Winfrey Hands Before Release Date

We have a video below showing Oprah Winfrey fondling around with the new HTC EVO 4G well before its release date. Cannot believe she has one already, but then she is the TV icon who can have what she wants. Would have been so much better if she had loads of these smartphones and gave […]

iPhone 4G / HD Apple Clone, would you buy it?

iPhone 4G _ HD Apple Clone, would you buy it pic main

Since the Gizmodo Apple iPhone 4G / HD prototype saga it seems clone makers are coming out of the woodwork to produce copies, the question is “Would you buy these clones?” personally we would not. The iPhone 4G that Gizmodo had was taken apart bit-by-bit and revealed quite a lot, and this one we are […]

iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 now Released

iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 now Released

For all you eager iPhone developers out their in iPhone land the word is out that Apple has now released its third beta of the iPhone OS 4.0 along with the SDK reports an article over on Apple’s present favourite leakage site, Gizmodo. Unfortunately there isn’t any word on what has changed with iPhone OS […]

Nokia N8 is real so the Nokia N98 could be too


It was only the other day when Nokia fanatics out there sighed a sigh of relief as the Finnish manufacturer announced their first 12 megapixel camera which had been a flurry of rumours until then. The Nokia N8 which we have reported on previously here, is a top quality Smartphone running Symbian and its capable […]

Pantech Breeze II for $19.99 at AT&T


It has recently been announced by AT&T that they are have a new phone in their offering the Pantech Breeze II according to a recent report over at via with a very low price attached. The device is a level entry device and the price tag that AT&T have it selling for at […]

Motorola may bring own OS after acquiring Azingo


It has been recently reported over at via it would appear that Motorola may have something up their sleeve. The latest reports across the internet are suggesting that Motorola may be considering coming to the market and bringing with them their own operating system. Motorola have recently acquired a mobile platform company known […]

HTC Legend Destined for AT&T Shows FCC

HTC Legend Destined for AT&T Shows FCC

The guys over at engadget have been doing their usual snooping of FCC documents and have come across a pixelated label that is a very similar to the label that can be located beneath the endcap of the unibody HTC legend smartphone. However they say this particular label isn’t the same that has been seen […]

Palm Pre & Palm Pixi just $29 with two year contract


Hewlett Packard last week snapped up the company Palm which we reported on here, saving the day of the Smartphone maker that has been struggling over the last few months. Now according to an article over at both the Pixi and the Pre have seen a price cut. The two webOS Smartphones have received […]

iPhone 4G Launch Delay Possible Due to Court Ruling

iPhone 4G Launch Delay Possible Due to Court Ruling

Well now there is a chance we may not see the upcoming next generation iPhone popularly referred to as the iPhone 4G when we expect to see it launch according to an article over on Only Kent who gained the information via Ozcar Guide as the release of the iPhone 4G may be delayed. According […]

Converse iPhone App: Language translator with Unique Twist

Converse iPhone App- Language translator with Unique Twist

We have come across an iPhone app called Converse, which is a language translator and must say it has a very cool unique twist. This translator is double-ended, which basically means two users can use it at the same time. Say I go on holiday too Spain and I know I cannot speak Spanish I […]