Google Nexus One sales doing well, Verizon Release it then


According to HTC CEO Peter Chou the Google Nexus One sales are doing very good indeed, considering they did not have any standard marketing campaigns. The Nexus One is a very popular device that runs on the Android OS and is offered to its customers via Google, the device only moved 135,000 units in the […]

BlackBerry and the Budget 2010 when to put it down


An interesting budget again, great new for first time buyers so I’ve heard. David Cameron made a comment or warning which if is taken on board could pave the way for a massive social change. He also suspects a lower rate of family break ups, he noticed however during his riposte to Alistair Darling that […]

Verizon iPhone 4G needed to compete with Sprint Evo


Sprint has done a wonderful job announcing the new HTC Evo 4G smartphone, but a Verizon iPhone 4G is needed to compete. The Sprint HTC EVO 4G Android 2.1 will be coming this summer on Sprint’s WiMAX network and we know that Verizon is working on their 4G Network, with that said many customers are […]

New HSPA+ devices for T Mobile customers


At the CTIA Wireless 2010, T Mobile USA announced their intentions to upgrade its entire 3G wireless network to a High Speed Access Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) in an attempt to enable faster data speeds to its customers. T Mobile are aiming to have HSPA+ deployed over their entire 3G footprint which if you didn’t […]

HTC Desire X10 and Nokia E72 for 3UK not HTC HD2


It seems that the Wireless carrier 3 UK are about to release a range of rather appealing devices to its users in the very near future. The new offerings include some of the latest Android devices as well as some Symbian phones what is probably a little more surprising is some of the devices that […]

Google Nexus One Demand Greater Than iPhone Demand

Google Nexus One Demand Greater Than iPhone Demand

Is the iconic iPhone losing its appeal with the smartphone public? It could be as a report by the world’s largest international mobile phone trader, RCS says that demand for the Nexus One has been increasing since February and that global demand for Google’s superphone was 16 percent more than that of the iPhone reports […]

World’s First DivX Handset is Samsung Wave, and Galaxy S to Follow

World’s First DivX Handset is Samsung Wave, and Galaxy S to Follow

Apparently Korean manufacturer Samsung has announced that the Samsung Wave smartphone, the first Sammy handset with Bada, is to be the first smartphone in the world to have certified support for DivX HD playback reports an article over on engadget. Furthermore it is expected that the newly announced Android toting Samsung Galaxy S smartphone will […]

Nokia N8 coming middle of April


Thanks to a report over at for this update on the much talked about Nokia N8, Symbian ^3 device. They have been reliably informed that the Nokia N8 is about to be announced by Nokia in the middle of April. As far as I can work out that isn’t around any major convention or […]

All 4G WWAN Units to Support 3G Says Verizon

All 4G WWAN Units to Support 3G Says Verizon

After the Verizon LTE Roundtable during CTIA 2010, Verizon Wireless senior vice president and CTO, Tony Melone confirmed to the guys over at engadget in a one to one meeting that “every last one” of Verizon’s data only LTE WWAN units will support 3G. So this means the likes of MiFi type products, USB data […]

No word yet from Google or Verizon of Nexus One


Rumours are hot on the subject of Google’s Nexus One being available on the Verizon network. Of course with this week’s CTIA Wireless Conference we were expecting to have heard more by now. It was supposed to have happened yesterday, but so far there has been not a word from either the search engine giant […]