LG Ally Iron Man 2 Unboxing Video

LG Ally Iron Man 2 Unboxing Video

Yes folks the latest smartphone out of the LG camp backed up by Iron Man 2 is the LG Ally, and we have a traditional unboxing of the LG Ally for your viewing pleasure today which can be viewed below courtesy of Noah over at phone dog. The LG Ally unboxing video lasts almost twelve […]

HTC EVO 4G Now Official: Pre-order via Sprint and Best Buy

HTC EVO 4G Now Official- Pre-order via Sprint and Best Buy

The HTC EVO 4G is now official and will start selling on June 4 from as little as $199, this is one of the most talked about smartphones and of course the first handset to feature both 3G and 4G capabilities. You can buy as from June 4 (We did say before June 6) as […]

Motorola Xtreme: Is Verizon launching new Android Phone?

Motorola Xtreme- Is Verizon launching new Android Phone

It looks like Verizon is launching a brand new smartphone called the Motorola Xtreme; Verizon is apparently testing this Android-powered handset according to Engadget. The Motorola Xtreme is the name but sadly we do not have any specifications or any other details for you at the moment, wonder if this new Android smartphone will be […]

Nexus One Accessories: Great Value Car Bundle Kit

Nexus One Accessories- Great Value Car Bundle Kit

Do you own the Google HTC Nexus One smartphone and wish to save money on buying accessories? Well if you do look no further than here because we have a great bargain for you that we have just found via Amazon.com. This is the HTC Google Nexus One 1 Accessory Car Kit that comes with […]

LG Ally officially announced by Verizon $99.99


We have heard quite a lot over the last few days in relation to the LG Ally, and it’s arrival to Verizon now a report over at mobileburn.com confirms that Verizon Wireless have now officially announced the device. The LG Ally is an Android 2.1 powered Smartphone which we have previously reported on here in […]

Verizon iPhone HD Ad Campaign surely means its coming

Verizon iPhone HD Ad Campaign surely means its coming

Now as far as rumours go about the Verizon iPhone, this one is right up there with the rest of them. According to a tipster Landor Associates is working on a new campaign for Verizon. We found this information via CrunchGear and they said this info has come from a tipster, now as usual we […]

Apple iPhone 4G A4 Microprocessor Chip Revealed: Its chiptastic

Apple iPhone 4G A4 Microprocessor Chip Revealed- Its chiptastic

All things bright and beautiful in the way of the new Apple iPhone 4G, because thanks to Taoviet and their teardown of the next generation iPhone it clearly shows an Apple logo and A4 Microprocessor Chip. Phonesreview.co.uk writer Sharon has published an article not so long ago with a video of the new Apple iPhone […]

iPhone 4G / HD another one this time in Vietnam


A really interesting article has just surfaced over at gadgetsdna.com in relation to the next generation iPhone 4G 16GB. Some chaps over at Taoviet which is a Vietnamese website have managed to get themselves a nice iPhone 4G which actually looks very similar to the one which Gizmodo managed to get hold of after it […]

iPhone 4G Ads Campaign Poll: Apple Girl vs. Lady Gaga

iPhone 4G Ads Campaign Poll- Apple Girl vs. Lady Gaga

Yesterday we mentioned that Lady Gaga could possibly be the girl in the new iPhone 4G Ads, and then we said that we would prefer Applegirl002. We stand by our word and so much so we have put a poll together where you can vote who you would like to be on the ads and […]

iPhone 4G almost AT&T change upgrade dates


We can pretty much all agree that the next generation iPhone is about as confirmed as it’s going to be for now anyway. As we know traditionally Apple launch a new iPhone during the month of June. Now according to a recent article over at softpedia.com we hear that AT&T are also in the process […]