CTIA Wireless 2010: WiMax, LTE, Sprint & Verizon Nexus One

CTIA Wireless 2010: WiMax, LTE, Sprint & Verizon Nexus One

This week will see the start of CTIA Wireless 2010 in Las Vegas and it is expected that Sprint and HTC will unveil the first WiMAX smartphone the HTC Supersonic, along with an LTE picocell prototype reports an article over on light reading. Apparently Sprint which uses the Cleawire WiMAX network for their “4G Now” […]

Rogers Bell and Telus Waive Activation Fee

Rogers Bell and Telus Waive Activation Fee

Some good new for Canadian, it appears that due to rising competition from new network entrants to the Canadian mobile space, Canadian mobile phone users are going to benefit as according to mobile syrup some prices are dropping and now Canada’s big 3 have waivered activation fees. According to the article, Rogers Wireless, Telus, Bell […]

Would you like iPhone 4G to look like this Pro concept? Video


Everyone is talking about the new iPhone 4G (4th generation), no one know what the next iPhone will look like other than Apple themselves, so this is where concept designs come into play. In fact, Apple should sit down with ADR Studio because they have a concept idea called the iPhone Pro, and damn it […]

Dell Aero is renamed Mini 3: AT&T will release smartphone


The Dell Mini 3 has been renamed the Dell Aero, and it is a smartphone that AT&T will release on its network. The Dell Aero is an Android-based smartphone that Dell wants you to love, and with AT&T behind it, we can see there will be much love. This will indeed be the very first […]

Apple iPad App Store live on launch day, like iPhone madness


An interesting article over at telegraph.co.uk in relation to the launch of the Apple iPad Store certainly gives us something to think about. Apple have already started to accept new iPad apps for approval and of course review ahead of the US launch of the tablet style computer which is on April 3rd. The iPad […]

Motorola Milestone Droid Price in India, specs


The Motorola Milestone Droid will be released in India soon and many have been asking what the Android 2.0 smartphone price will be, well ABH News has the answer for you. The Motorola Milestone will sell for around Rs 34,000. Yes the Indian market will get to grips with this handset soon, whilst you wait […]

Video: Win a Nokia GPS Phone with Ovi Maps

Video: Win a Nokia GPS Phone with Ovi Maps

Nokia Ovi Maps has been out for a while now, and it appears that Ovi Maps is now running a contest whereby you can gain the opportunity to win a Nokia GPS phone by sharing your Ovi Maps stories, and we have the video promo for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of blog.ovi.com To be […]

Could AT&T Save Palm by selling Pre and Pixi Phones?


We mentioned earlier today, Is Palm dead, and about downgraded shares of Palm price, but we would love to know if AT&T could save Palm. The reason we ask this is AT&T will start selling the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus in a few months time, they will sell them for $149.99 and […]

T-Mobile UK HTC Desire black prototype Video


A great article has turned up over on engadet.com in relation to HTC’s new flagship device. We are now all pretty confident that this is going to turn up soon on British soil ahead of its elder brother the Nexus One. If you want to place your order for the HTC Desire now you can. […]

Microsoft Bing for iPhone Updated and Downloaded 1 Million times

Microsoft Bing for iPhone Updated and Downloaded 1 Million times

Bing for the iPhone has now been updated by Microsoft and the word is Microsoft is claiming that Bing for iPhone has already been downloaded by more than 1 million user’s reports an article over on mobile-ent.biz. The updated version of Microsoft Bing for iPhone now features design tweaks and stability fixes and several significant […]