Sony Ericsson 4G Concept is up against iPhone 4G


Thanks to the guys over at for details of this one via board. It seems there is a new kid on the block well on the Esato board anyway, angad2050 has created a rather interesting looking Sony Ericsson 4G concept. This is a cool looking full touchscreen device, with some rather interesting placed […]

iPhone OS 4.1: Should iPad and iPhone OS merge?


Is there any possibility that Apple could merge iPhone OS and iPad OS together? This question is worth thinking about, modifications can be made to make this happen. The iPad was released last weekend and there is a slim chance that the iPhone OS and the modified OS for the iPad PC could merge at […]

Future of iPhone looks like we will get two versions


Just five days since the launch of the iPad tablet in the United States it seems Apple are busy preparing for a presentation for tomorrow for the iPhone OS with two versions? Yes Thursday we should see Apple presenting the fourth version of the iPhone operating system OS 4.0. The next big iPhone update which […]

Verizon network is capable of handling iPhone


Although so far the Apple iPhone’s exclusive carrier in the US AT&T have been continuing to state that meeting the iPhone users bandwidth demands would be a tough task for any carrier in the country. The extremely confident Verizon Wireless Chief Executive Officer Ivan Seidenberg has said that the company was willing to be put […]

Sprint Free Guarantee Highlighted in New Ad Campaign

Sprint Free Guarantee Highlighted in New Ad Campaign

Well now what’s this? Apparently Sprint is taking a route that no other wireless carrier has done before, offering Sprint customers a full money back guarantee on their service plans, known as the Sprint Free Guarantee reports an article over on advertiser talk. The Sprint Free Guarantee, which is the subject of a new Sprint […]

Video: HTC HD Mini Walkthrough

Video: HTC HD Mini Walkthrough

We have a video walkthrough for your viewing pleasure today of the smaller brother of the HTC HD2, the HTC HD Mini smartphone which was made by techielobang and comes to us courtesy of the guys over at wmpoweruser. The HTC HD Mini video walkthrough lasts virtually seven minutes whereby we are given a good […]

Verizon HTC Incredible and Nexus One Release pushes Palm Out


When you look at all the news covering Verizon and its HTC Incredible and Google Nexus One releases, it makes you wonder if Palm is getting pushed out to make room for the new handsets. The reason we say this is because we have already reported that Verizon has cut the prices way down on […]

LG Mini GD800 Phantom Browser Will Support HTML5 Confirms LG

LG Mini GD800 Phantom Browser Will Support HTML5 Confirms LG

LG will have the LG Mini GD800 Smartphone on sale sometime later this month and along with that LG has now confirmed that the LG Mini GD800’s phantom browser will support HTML5 and will be the first time it has been pushed out by LG reports gizmodo. Apparently word is the LG Mini GD800 is […]

HTC EVO 4G Phone: Do you need Low-end digital camera?


The new HTC EVO 4G WiMax phone from Sprint will win the hearts from millions of consumers with its stunning looks and amazing feature-rich specifications, but how does it compare to low-end digital cameras? The HTC device comes with 8MP autofocus camera with dual LED flash and 1.3MP front-facing camera, it will also allow you […]

Feature rich apps on BlackBerry Platform: RIM release enhanced Java & Web tools


Research In Motion have recently released updated Java ands also Web based development tools for the BlackBerry Platform. The Java Plug in for the Eclipse v1.1 and also the Web plug in v2.0 both offer new and exciting capabilities in order to make things even easier when creating feature rich applications. Using the new tools […]