HTC Incredible spotted in Verizon’s Intranet site


Most of you are probably aware that so far all we have had on the HTC Incredible has come via leaked photo’s and stats on the device. Rumoured a couple of weeks ago the HTC Incredible was said to be on its way to Verizon Wireless, although at the time neither Verizon nor HTC confirmed […]

Queue’s for Apple iPad smaller than for Apple iPhone in 2007


The latest product launched by Apple the iPad tablet computer has now gone on sale in America. This first generation tablet has got Wi-Fi but not 3G connectivity. At present it is not available outside of the United States. The Apple store in Manhattan opened their doors at 0900EST to a crown of approximately 500 […]

Apple iPhone 4G (Pro) Virtual Unboxing, more features video


We showed you not so long ago the new Apple iPhone 4G “Pro” version, and it looks out of this world. Well now thanks to Tech Techies you can now watch the unboxing video of it. The Apple iPhone 4G “Pro” Unboxed will show you many more features of the concept idea that was created […]

Windows Phone 7 Series now Officially just Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Series now Officially just Windows Phone 7

The problem with monikers is if they are too long people don’t seem to like them, and it appears that such is the case with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series moniker as according to an article over on gizmodo, Microsoft has officially dropped Series. The info about Microsoft’s decision to shorten Windows Phone 7 Series […]

Verizon iPhone and Verizon Nexus One, Which would Win

Verizon iPhone and Verizon Nexus One, Which would Win

There’s been a lot of hype hitting the net waves ever since rumours of the long awaited CDMA iPhone would be hitting the Big Red, but as far as anyone really knows at the moment the Verizon iPhone hasn’t been confirmed. But we do know that Verizon will be gaining the Android packing Google Nexus […]

3D Panels for Mobile Phones to be launched by Sharp

3D Panels for Mobile Phones to be launched by Sharp

This year Sharp plan on producing 3D displays for mobile phones and other mobile devices which will no need the use of special glasses for viewing, with a view to hoping that the demand for 3D displays will grown beyond cinemas and home entertainment to the mobile arena reports Reuters. Back in the early 2000s, […]

Verizon iPhone dates remain mystery but will you get one?


There are still lots of rumours surrounding the Verizon iPhone 4G or the iPhone 2010, and they continue to come in thick and fast. Most sites have reported a little something over the last week. It would seem that the actual release date of the Verizon iPhone will remain a mystery for a little while […]

Nuvifone M10 launched in India by Garmin Asus


Another handset for those mobile phone users in India now as Garmin Asus has made another phone available the nuvifone M10. Another Windows mobile which comes with the latest flavour of Microsoft’s mobile client. This device boasts Windows Mobile 6.5.3 a full touchscreen display and has enhanced navigation capabilities. The Garmin Asus nuvifone M10 keeps […]

Verizon Nexus One and iPhone what and why questions


The Verizon iPhone, the Verizon Nexus One, what and why questions, is what we will talk about for a little bi today. These two smartphones will be released on the Verizon network, but we know they are just a little too far away at the moment and it is like you are all on a […]

Holy Good Friday iPhone App: Bible Verses


It is Bank Holiday Weekend 2010 and today is Good Friday, we have seen the Holy Good Friday iPhone app and thought you should know about it. We could have put this in our app section but we wanted to class this as news because it is an important day, before we get start you […]