Verizon iPhone Wont Release This Year Says Analyst

Verizon iPhone Wont Release This Year Says Analyst

For all you Verizon hopefuls out there on the Big Red network who was hoping beyond hope that Verizon would finally release the iPhone, it looks like you’re in for a disappointment as it doesn’t look like the iPhone will come to Verizon in 2010. According to an article over on Gizmodo by way of […]

New iPhone 4G will record videos in HD


One of the features which is intended to be able to provide developers in iPhone OS 4 are the new API’s which will give developers full access to capture video. The Apple iPhone 4G which has been rumoured all over the place recently is now confirmed to be able to record videos in HD (720p). […]

Nokia X6 for free at Tesco Phone Shop


Tesco Phone Shop have announced another amazing deal today according to a recent article over at if your interested in getting hold of a Nokia X6 for free then read on. For just £25 per month you can have the Nokia X6 on Orange, you also get 500 minutes, 500 Mb of internet browsing […]

Nokia C3 on Vodafone in June


It would seem that Vodafone has got there again as it has been recently reported over at that they will be getting the Nokia C3 handset in June. The Nokia C3 handset which we have more details on here, will be available on Vodafone on an exclusive Pay As You Go deal. Although a […]

Orange Lisbon and Rio to Launch on PAYG in UK

Orange Lisbon and Rio to Launch on PAYG in UK

Looks like Orange is ready to launch a couple of new Orange branded pay as you go handsets in the UK according to an article over on unwired view, and will be the Orange Lisbon and Orange Rio handets but unlike the Orange Boston will not pack Android goodness. The Orange Lisbon is an entry […]

Rolls Royce iPhone App launches for free

rolls royce

It has been recently announced that Rolls Royce have launched an application which is free I might add according to a recent post over at The application which is obtainable from the iTunes App store allows you to configure your very own Ghost car from all of their devices and see the final design […]

Made for iPhone Trademark Applied for by Apple

Made for iPhone Trademark Applied for by Apple

Making sure that Apple has control over everything and anything to do with Apple, the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apples latest trademark application on the 5th of May 2010 reports an article over on patently apple. The Apple trademark application is for “Made for iPhone,” under app 85025627 and under the sole International […]

HTC EVO 4G Pre order this month at RadioShack


It is rumoured that the HTC EVO 4G the first mobile phone to be powered by Google’s Android operating system may be available to pre order this month according to an article over at via Boasting WiMAX connectivity the HTC EVO 4G is expected to arrive at RadioShack this month on a pre […]

Is iPhone Preferable to Android 2.1 by Featurephone Users?

Is iPhone Preferable to Android 2.1 by Featurephone Users?

According to an article over on Intomobile there is a new report which shows that featurephone users prefer the iPhone to Android 2.1 and they say although this may be true for some, a report not too long ago show the opposite. A ChangeWave report at the end of March had more people interested in […]

Nokia launching Windows Phone Rumour


The worlds leading mobile phone maker Nokia is believed to be working hard on a new device according to a recent report over at, which is has been rumoured may run under Microsoft’s mobile operating system. The rumour has come because a recent article has stated that Wolfson Microelectronics who are a British microelectronics […]