BlackBerry OS 6.0 Spy Shots Revealed, where is device?


At last, there are some real spy shots of the upcoming BlackBerry OS 6.0, we had already mentioned this earlier today, these spy shots found via BBLeaks are nothing special but at least they are real. These are images of what might be possible, according to CrackBerry they look similar to the concierge app, no […]

Windows Phone 7 Series Office Apps: Word, Excel and OneNote


Windows Phone 7 Series is highly popular and the more we find out about it the better, more news has come via Engadget revealing some Office app, even though these are not official shots. The Microsoft emulator has now been unlocked, which is good news and now there is some evidence of Word doc in […]

Amplicom PowerTel M6000 Mobile Phone, perfect for seniors


There are many hi-tech phones out there on the market but can be a little too complicated for seniors, well thanks to Amplicom PowerTel they have senior’s best interest at hear. They now have the M6000 Phone with big buttons. The Amplicom PowerTel M6000 directed at the 4.5million people in the UK over 65 who […]

March Madness on Demand NCAA Basketball Championships for iPhone


March Madness is here and the NCAA Championships is very popular indeed for the iPhone, college basketball is big business and the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is what you all want and so much so, you can now have it on your Apple iPhone. The reason this is called March Madness is because there will […]

BlackBerry OS 6.0 emerges allegedly


Research in Motion the Canadian mobile phone maker as we know is already planning to enhance the experience it offers to its users through new software solutions and devices. An article over on gives us the latest. Some screenshots claimed to be the upcoming BlackBerry OS 6.0 have been leaked, and at a glance […]

Google Buzz Widget for Android released by Google


Google released Google Buzz for mobile which was a solution that was officially announced at the beginning of February, and according to an article over on there has been a development. The Google Buzz has been enhanced through the release of a Google Buzz widget which is for Android and according to the development […]

April should see European HTC Hero get Android 2.1


It has been reported in an article over at that the Taiwan based mobile phone maker HTC have reported that they are getting prepared for the release of Android 2.1 update. The update is all set apparently for a very appealing device which has been delivered to the market the HTC Hero. Although the […]

Sprint’s Touch Pro2 WM 6.5 with Sense now


One thing is for sure it has definitely been a long long wait, but now users of HTC Touch Pro2 on Sprints network according to the folks at can now enjoy the Windows Mobile update 6.5. The Taiwanese mobile handset maker and the carrier have now made the update available for download. It was […]

Verizon iPhone, 4G 2010 forgotten: All about Android and T-Mobile


All getting a little hot under the collar now when we mention the Verizon iPhone or iPhone 4G, but sorry we will keep going on until we hear something solid from Apple or network operators. iPhone rumours keep flying in and the next one lined-up that we found via Engadet is T-Mobile USA might be […]

O2 getting Palm Pre and Pixi Plus: Will this help shares?


Palm need to something pretty special considering shares has dropped 14-percent, the smartphone manufacturer really needs to pull something out of the bag and they hope they can do this with O2 releasing the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus. According to Slash Gear the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus will be part […]