Samsung Jet Ultra with exclusive gifts 02 UK


A recent article over on reports that 02 UK are about to launch the Samsung Jet Ultra Edition handset soon to the market. It seems that Samsung the South Korean mobile phone maker chose 02 UK, and apparently 02 wont be only the first retailer to deliver the latest Samsung Jet but will also […]

Virgin Mobile releasing Xperia X10, Galaxy Portal and HTC Desire


Virgin Mobile is hoping to get in on the action with top smartphones, the latest news in reports that they will be releasing the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, HTC Desire and the Galaxy Portal soon. They are definitely upping their game and quality, Virgin Mobile has already announced that it is expanding its Android line-up […]

Enter TiPb Special Edition Street Fighter IV iPhone Cases Giveaway


TiPb (The iPhone Blog) is giving away Special Edition Street Fighter IV Apple iPhone Cases, just to make things a little more exciting, every comment counts as an entry to their Apple iPad giveaway as well. TiPb met up with Capcom Street Fighter IV team and Tezuka-san at GDC 2010 and they were given two […]

Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 getting Windows Mobile 6.5 March 19


Back in January, we reported that the Sprint Touch Pro2 would be getting Windows Mobile 6.5, but we only stated it would be coming in March 2010 with no exact date. Well you will be happy to know thanks to that the Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 will get the Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade March […]

Consumer Poll: Would you swap BlackBerry for Apple iPhone?

Consumer Poll: Would you swap BlackBerry for Apple iPhone?

Yesterday writer James posted an article reporting that 40-percent of BlackBerry users would swap their devices for an Apple iPhone, so we thought we would start our study poll. Some say that they would even leave in favour of Android devices, many consumers nowadays use their mobile phone/smartphone for pleasure and business, so having […]

Nexus One goes up against iPhone on AT&T

Nexus One goes up against iPhone on AT&T

The Google Nexus One is about to go up against the iPhone as Google has begun offering a Nexus One version which runs on AT&T’s 3G network. However apparently the Big Blue isn’t selling or subsidising the Nexus One, reports techbytes The AT&T compatible Nexus One smartphone is only available via the Google website and […]

Copy and Paste Missing in Windows Phone 7 Series

Copy and Paste Missing in Windows Phone 7

Some people just simply never learn lessons, and in this case it happens to be Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 Series, as according to an article over on engadget Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support copy and paste functionality. Some time ago there was a huge call for copy and paste to come to the iPhone, […]

Timbaland Carry Out Mobile Ringtone, download now


If you want a cool ringtone then might we suggest the Timbaland Carry Out mobile ringtone, which is ready for you to download right now. Carry Out is the new single from artist Timbaland and can now be added to your phone as a ringtone, he has released many awesome tracks including this latest single. […]

4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network for smartphones 2012 or 2013


Other than the Apple iPhone 4G the next hottest technology has to be 4G-branded Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, and it’s been said that 4G for smartphones will not start releasing until at least 2012 or maybe even 2013. According to Straits Times, they report that 4G is the successor to 3G networks, which we […]

Videos: HTC Legend Software and Hardware Hands-on

Videos: HTC Legend Software and Hardware Hands-on

We have a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure today, both of the HTC Legend smartphone with one being a hands-on with the HTC Legend software while the other tackles the HTC Legend hardware. The HTC Legend software hands-on video last almost four and three-quarter minutes while the HTC Legend hardware hands-on video lasts […]