HTC EVO 4G Does Android Froyo Even Before Release

HTC EVO 4G Does Android Froyo Even Before Release

The first smartphone capable of surfing 4G hasn’t been released yet, but that doesn’t stop the developing community from slapping some Android 2.2 Froyo goodness onto the device even before the handset sees the light of day. Of course we are talking HTC EVO 4G, the smartphone which was given out to people attending the […]

iPhone 4G 960 x 640 IPS Panel Display quadruples 3GS Pixels

iPhone 4G 960 x 640 IPS Panel Display quadruples 3GS Pixels

More news about the new Apple iPhone 4G and its display, this time round it has been put under the microscope and seeing exactly what display technology and pixel density it has. seems to have the answer and it reveals that the iPhone 4G has a stunning IPS panel that will give you 960 […]

HTC Droid Incredible Stock: Verizon Shipping Again June 22

HTC Droid Incredible- Verizon Shipping Again June 22

The HTC Droid Incredible with Verizon stopped shipping due to part shortages, which many customers were a little disappointed, well now you will be happy to know that Verizon has listed on its website it will start shipping again June 22. The handset sold out worldwide and left customers wondering when they will finally get […]

Motorola Shadow on Verizons inventory


Following numerous rumours and speculation it would look like Verizon fanatics can look forward to seeing the Shadow a little sooner than expected. Perhaps even just a short while before a CDMA iPhone. We have had another little snippet of information thanks to Darren Murph over at via The evidence seems to point […]

WWDC Ballmer wont be presenting at San Francisco


It seems that contrary to a recently published report Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer will not be presenting at the Apple WWDC in two weeks time. An article from Paul Krill over at reports that Microsoft is still interested in providing tools to build Apple applications. There was speculation that Ballmer would be […]

BlackBerry Pearl 3G from Rogers and Telus pricing details


Good news for those of you in Canada and interested in getting your hands on a BlackBerry Pearl 3G. It would appear that it is on its way and should land in a matter of days. A recent article by Ionut Arghire over at confirms that the new device will be available on the […]

HTC Evo 4G Accessories: Sprint Accessory Launch Date

HTC Evo 4G Accessories- Sprint Accessory Launch Date

Sprint Accessories for the HTC EVO 4G have now been leaked online, there is now a price guide for these accessories and reveals a release date of June 4. The new Sprint EVO 4G when released will be accompanied by these accessories, which includes: case, a body glove, and a pouch that will be available […]

Movies Now iPhone App Major Update: Check your local movie listings

Movies Now iPhone App Major Update- Check your local movie listings

Everyone loves movies we cannot get enough of them, well ‘Movies Now’ app has been out for a while but has had major updates, which you read more about below. This app has been designed for the Apple iPhone and is totally free to download via iTunes or simply search your app store on your […]

Sprint HTC EVO 4G to get Skype Mobile: Android and BlackBerry

Sprint HTC EVO 4G to get Skype Mobile- Android and BlackBerry

The latest news just in about Skype Mobile is very interesting indeed because it now seems that the Sprint HTC EVO 4G will be getting this service, Skype did indeed launch its mobile app for Android and BlackBerry smartphones for Verizon Wireless but there were some discrepancies. Skype Mobile app to just Verizon Wireless customers […]

iPhone 4G WWDC Launch Most Definitely, Verizon Release Possibly Not

iPhone 4G WWDC Launch Most Definitely, Verizon Release Possibly Not

There are many rumours surrounding the iPhone 4G and of course the Verizon iPhone, well taking everything into consideration the iPhone 4G (Whatever the name) will most definitely be launched (Announced) at WWDC 2010, for the Verizon iPhone we and others say possible not. David Goldman via CNN Money has written a very interesting article […]