Best iPhone 4G video ever, how did we miss this!

Best iPhone 4G video ever, how did we miss this!

What we have here is probably the best looking concept of an iPhone 4G smartphone there is, however one does have to state that with current tech available, even to the Apple techs, this iPhone 4G concept is probably never going to materialise. Even the great Steve Jobs would have a hard time getting this […]

Virgin Media offering cheap HTC Desire, new tariffs


Virgin Media are now going to offer a new range of mobile phone tariffs as it attempts a new direction on the handset market. The real cost savings are on offer to current customers and make use of the quad play offering which includes TV, Internet, Landline and mobile handsets. The headline deal for those […]

20 Free Sets of iPhone Icons Available

20 Free Sets of iPhone Icons Available

As you know, most smartphone sue icons and these can sometimes become quite boring to look at over a period of time. However if you own an Apple iPhone you can swap your iPhone icons to give your iPhone a fresh look. According to an article over on iphone toolbox, there are now twenty new […]

AdMob Report says Android nearly as popular as iPhone OS traffic share


A recent report over at via gives us information in relation to a Admob report. The report reveals that the Android operating system holds 42% of the United States mobile Operating system traffic share, this is increased from just 27% share reported back in November 2009. The iPhone OS dropped from a 55% […]

Is this the new iPhone 4G LCD screen: Video


Okay lets be honest about this, it probably is a long shot to say the least as this is by no means a definite source but it is always nice to share what’s out there. A video has been spotted and is now available for you to peruse over with a nice cup of tea […]

Japan Reviews Mobile Phone SIM Lock System

Japan Reviews Mobile Phone SIM Lock System

Apparently the Japanese government has launch a review of the mobile phone SIM Lock system which stops people from swapping their SIM cards out so they can talk on a different carrier reports an article over on gizmodo. According to the article originating from Yahoo News, the 3 major Japanese mobile carriers all sell mobile […]

Video: HTC HD2 Running N900 Maemo OS

Video: HTC HD2 Running N900 Maemo OS

It appears the HTC HD2 smartphone is quite a versatile handset when it comes to porting other operating systems. Yesterday we had a video of Windows Phone 7 running on the HTC HD2 and today we have a video of the Nokia N900 Maemo OS running on the HTC HD2. The video which lasts just […]

Motorola Milestone gets Android 2.1 in Europe


It looks like the long wait is almost over as the Android 2.1 software update for the Motorola Milestone is finally available for users all over Europe. That according to a report over on apparently Motorola officially announced the move on their Facebook page and have stated that the solution will be deployed starting […]

Nexus One coming to Verizon next week $199


The Nexus One by HTC the Smartphone being sold exclusively via the Google web store is actually now rumoured to become available as soon as next week for purchase with Verizon Wireless connectivity packed inside. The first device to have Android 2.1 operating system, and shortly after being briefly listed on Google’s site as put […]

New iPhone 2010 to debut summer, Verizon CDMA version too


According to WSJ there is going to be a new iPhone 2010 and even a Verizon CDMA version, so is Apple really developing a new iPhone for this summer? Apple has indeed unveiled a new iPhone every year around June or July since its first launch in 2007 and to see a new model would […]