iPhone 3GS Comes to India via Vodafone

iPhone 3GS Comes to India via Vodafone

It has been ages since the iPhone 3G first came out and it has been available in India for a while, but for some considerable time people in India have not been able to get hold of the next generation iPhone, the faster iPhone 3GS. Well now according to an article over on lse, India’s […]

Two new software updates for HTC HD2


There are now two new software updates which are available for download for those of you that have an HTC HD2 mobile. HTC Corporation have announced that the two updates are for the Java Message Pop up and the other for the Facebook Albums both released for all ROM versions, both have been listed on […]

iPhone Lags with 4G While Sprint Moves Ahead with HTC EVO 4G

iPhone Lags with 4G While Sprint Moves Ahead with HTC EVO 4G

You are probably aware that during CTIA 2010, Sprint unveiled the first 4G smartphone, the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, which was formally known to all as the HTC Supersonic, and will run on the Clearwire WiMAX network. But were does that announcement leave the iPhone and AT&T asks iphone gamer blog. Well AT&T are still […]

iPhone LTE coming soon, iPhone 4G 2010, 5G 2011?


As said earlier about a new Apple job posting, there are a few questions we would love answered in the way of the new iPhone LTE. Device Mag picked up on something very interesting indeed, we all go on about the next generation Apple iPhone being it the iPhone 4G (4th generation) or possibly an […]

Nokia’s Comes With Music now renamed Ovi Music Unlimited


Not that long ago Nokia announced that they were intending to focus more in the services that it offered to customer and now we have heard news of one of these services that has seen a major change. Thanks to the folks over at news.softpedia.com for via music.ovi.com for this report. The Nokia Comes With […]

HTC Desire for Free on Telstra April 27th


Telstra the wireless carrier and handset vendor HTC Corporation announced that the HTC Desire Android powered Smartphone was about to become available for purchase. The device will be available in Australia to purchase from April 27th, and then the handset will be launched in the country exclusively on Telstra’s Next 3G network, which incidentally is […]

Could Apple Job Posting with LTE knowledge mean REAL iPhone 4G


Apple has a new job posting for a new Cellular Technology Software Manager, which we mentioned yesterday, now this is intriguing because it asks for relevant experience. The new candidate will need expert knowledge of WCDMA/UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, and LTE technology, does this mean that Apple will be including LTE (Long Term Evolution) for its […]

Can Sprint HTC EVO 4G be iPhone killer?

Can Sprint HTC EVO 4G be iPhone killer?

During CTIA 2010 in Las Vegas Sprint unveiled to the mobile world the world’s first 4G smartphone, the Sprint HTC EVO 4G which as we all know will run on the Sprint Clearwire WiMAX network. So as in the traditional way of things the next question, and I’ll ask it before someone else because it […]

Verizon Wireless Offer Motorola Devour at $149.99

Verizon Wireless Offer Motorola Devour at $149.99

If you are a Big Red customer who has been waiting to grab hold of the Android toting Motorola Devour smartphone you’ll be pleased to hear that Motorola and Verizon has now made the Motorola Devour available in stores and online reports mobile crunch. So what will it hit your pocket to gain the QWERTY […]

Verizon Motorola Devour on sale, what about iPhone and Nexus One?


Yesterday we reported that Verizon is now officially selling the Motorola Devour through its website, but what about the iPhone and Nexus One. Some say that the Devour is the next best thing to the more expensive Droid, but to tell you the truth the masses would prefer an iPhone or the Google Nexus One […]