Video: Japanese AffectPhone Concept Delivers iPhone Emotions via Heat

Video: Japanese AffectPhone Concept Delivers iPhone Emotions via Heat

So how would you like to feel the emotions of who you are speaking to on your iPhone? Well apparently Japanese researchers at the Rekimoto Lab have done just that with their AffectPhone project reports an article over on gizmodo. The AffectPhone project apparently monitors Galvanic Skin Response for conveying emotions through an iPhone handset […]

Nokia 5230 to release in Canada via Wind Mobile


For those of you that have been awaiting news in relation to the Nokia 5230 can now sit back and relax as the Nokia 5230 is gearing up for a Canadian release via Wind Mobile. The news comes form an article over at which claims that blog cites that the Nokia 5230 will […]

iPhone OS 4.0 announcement success, Apple iPad UK delayed

iPhone OS 4.0 announce success, Apple iPad UK delayed

When the iPhone OS 4.0 was announced with all its features we call this a success, well the latest news is about the Apple iPad and that it has now been delayed for UK release, now this is not a success. Apparently the delay is due to overwhelming demand in the US according to the […]

Verizon insider claims we will have Nexus One by end of April


One thing is pretty much for sure if Google were to release a Nexus One Smartphone that worked on Verizon’s network, there would be a fair few people wanting to purchase it. The rumours have continued speculating that Verizon will soon be making an announcement in order to confirm the speculations. Some thought that the […]

HTC Incredible May Go With T-Mobile and Verizon and Priced


The high end Android packing HTC Incredible smartphone is for all intents and purposes is destined for the BIG Red network but as yet a firm release date seems to avoid us. However it appears that Verizon Wireless may not be the only carrier that gets the HTC Incredible. According to an article over on […]

iPhone 3GS coming to 3UK soon?


Here is an eye opener for sure, as it has been reported over at that it looks like 3 UK may be joining in with the iPhone fun and offering the device to it’s customers. A reader who wishes to remain anonymous has told the folks at itproportal an iPhone 3GS by Hutchinson Whampoa’s […]

Verizon iPhone Could Well Exist But Still No Release Date

Verizon iPhone Could Well Exists But Still No Release Date

It appears that so many really want the iPhone to come to Verizon as talk about a Verizon iPhone and a release date doesn’t seem to be too far away from the news, but could the Verizon iPhone already exist? Well according to an article over on phone dog by way of the guys over […]

LTE Spectrum Auctions Begun in Germany

LTE Spectrum Auctions Begun in Germany

The next big thing in the mobile phone arena is the expansion of LTE and according to an article over on intomobile Germany has now begun its auctions of LTE mobile spectrum and it is expected that Germany’s Telefonica, T-Mobile, Vodafone and KPN will all compete. Apparently according to the source article on mobile business […]

RIM set to launch 9800 and BlackBerry OS 6.0


Research in Motion the BlackBerry manufacturer are set to launch the 9800 and also the BlackBerry operating system 6.0 in the very near future. that’s according to a recent report over at The BlackBerry 9800 is expected to come with a full QWERTY keyboard which is hidden under the top half of the phone […]

1.6 Million Downloads Per Day from Nokia Ovi Store

1.6 Million Downloads Per Day from Nokia Ovi Store

The Nokia Ovi Store seems to be picking up momentum when it comes to daily downloads figures as a month ago 1.5 million applications were downloaded each day and now 1.6 million applications are being downloaded each day according to an article over on gsmarena who gained the info via mobileperry Having said that, when […]