Nokia 82 Dragonfly Concept Phone looks hot


Reginald Shola Hingston is someone we would call a design genius, say hello to the Nokia 82 Dragonfly concept phone. This is an entry-level phone that looks hot and features could include a big screen, numeric keypad, navigation mechanism underneath the screen and a camera. It is only a concept so not much info here. […]

Apple Uses Local Laws to get iPhone into China

Apple Uses Local Laws to get iPhone into China

The Chinese mobile market is a huge attraction to the like of Apple and their iPhone and Apple isn’t going to give in easily as they want their price of that massive market. Sop according to an article over on techeye, Apple has taken a tactic of flexing to local law rather than trying to […]

Low rates for users calling abroad from T Mobile UK


T Mobile UK have just recently announced the introduction of something rather interesting for its prepay customers according to an article over on It is welcomed news for those that love to stay in touch with their family and friends around the world, for just 5p per minute. The new international pass is expected […]

Video: iPhone 3GS vs. Nexus One 3D Performance Face Off

Video: iPhone 3GS vs. Nexus One 3D Performance Face Off

Yes folks, we have one of those iPhone 3GS vs. the nexus One battles for your viewing entertainment today, this time round the iconic iPhone 3GS is pitted against Google’s superphone, the Nexus One in a comparison battle for 3D performance supremacy. The video comparison lasts almost four and a half minutes and comes courtesy […]

O2 tariff list shows video calling, is new iPhone 4G coming?


Is this the proof of the iPhone 4G aka 4th generation iPhone coming soon, the reason we say this because of the O2 iPhone tariff list shows UK video calls same as voice calls. O2 please step up-to the plate and explain this to us please, is there a new iPhone coming or is this […]

Government of India plan Telecom, Wimax and Broadband revolution


A report over on states that the government of India has just begun a rather ambitious to say the least programme to wire up the entire northeast and remote border regions. The intention is they will have telecom, WiMax and broadband connectivity and it will inevitably unleash IT revolution in the region. Sachin Pilot […]

Nokia N900 gaming with Face Dectection like PlayStation EyeToy

Nokia N900 gaming with Face Dectection like PlayStation EyeToy

So, when you play a racing game are you one of those who sways left and right as you virtually turn the vehicles steering wheel? If you are then you may like to take a gander at this demo video of the Nokia N900 smartphone. The video which can be viewed below courtesy of the […]

Nexus One cracked screen, what HTC support said!

Nexus One cracked screen, what HTC support said!

So if you happen to crack the screen of you Google Nexus One smartphone what do you do? Why take it to HTC support of course. Well that’s just what the guys over at Cnet did with their cracked screen Nexus One because Google encouraged them to do so. So what happened? Well apparently HTC […]

CeBIT 2010: MSI MS-9A31 VoIP Phone


We all know that the VoiP phone scene is getting more and more overwhelmed but MSI seems to have a great rather interesting looking VoIP phone on display at CeBIT. The guys over at have some interesting details and also a video for us to look at. It has a great large touchscreen display. […]

New Android ZTE Phones aka Smooth, Blade, Racer and Mercury


Android phones seem to be getting popular and not many of you may know that MWC 2010 showcased four new Android ZTE phones. These phones are ZTE Smooth, ZTE Blade, ZTE Racer and ZTE Mercury, Google plan on releasing these 4 new phones phone with the Android platform and hopefully outside China according to Uber […]