Samsung Galaxy S first mobile with FlipFont


It has been reported in an article over at that Monotype Imaging Holdings FlipFont mobile font application is set to come to Samsung handsets that are expected to arrive later this year. The Samsung Galaxy S which was released last month at the CTIA Wireless 2010 is said to be the first mobile device […]

Motorola Aura with circular screen


If you are looking for a mobile device that will drive anyone around you a little insane then look no further that the Motorola Aura. If certainly offers a style statement to your personality for sure so if that sounds like you then grab yourself on of these rather unusual looking devices. The most unusual […]

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 fantastic Smartphone


If it is a handset for business that you are looking for then why not head off for a BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Smartphone. Thanks to the flip design it is nice and compact and has two display screens. With the external TFT LCD screen you will see some information and the second screen measuring […]

Apple iPhone OS 4 multitasking in detail


As we all know Apple have announced that they are bringing the very much requested multitasking feature in to iPhone OS 4 for customers later on this year. The iPhone OS 4 is being talked about everywhere at the moment probably having something to do with the 100+ features that it promises to be bringing […]

HTC Desire SIM free T Mobile only £349


Some would say that T mobile are banking on a lot from the HTC Desire as the Deutsche Telekom company is letting the device go for a mere £348.99 and that’s SIM free. Those are the latest reports that the price of £348.99 is for a phone which is unblocked and also unbranded. T Mobile […]

Verizon to get Samsung U820 Reality 22nd April


Announced back at CTIA the Samsung U820 Reality is ready to be released to the masses on April 22nd that’s according to some Verizon documents. Okay, so the Samsung Reality it isn’t a Smartphone and doesn’t really tick many boxes, it does however sport a 3.2 megapixel camera and has a 3.5mm headphone jack along […]

The new iPhone 4G 2010 will be iPhone HD


As we are all aware the hottest discussion on many forums at the moment is all about the iPhone 4G 2010, as the hype of the recent launch of the iPad slows down the iPhone gets the attention again. Steve Jobs announced recently that the new operating system for the iPhone 4G would be OS […]

Security boost for iPhone OS 4 welcomed


Yet another announcement from Apple, this time in relation to support for SSL VPN in the new iPhone OS 4.0 which will increase options for those enterprises that want to bring the iPhone securely into their corporate IT environment. Although it does seem that they may be some further amendments needed. Apple’s announcement stated that […]

iPhone OS 4.0 Preview Video Posted by Apple

iPhone OS 4.0 Preview Video Posted by Apple

It’s now the day after the iPhone OS 4.0 event and if you have missed all the coverage you can now catch up with what went on at the iPhone OS 4.0 even as according to an article over on macobserver Apple has now posted a preview video to their website. So if you don’t […]

Apple iPhone OS 4 no printing get ActivePrint 7.3 lite for free


As we now all know iPhone OS 4, comes with no printing facilities but there is an alternative with ActivePrint. Whether you are a user familiar with an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch you can print many office documents such as word processor documents and spreadsheets all with the help of ActivePrint. Not just that […]