Motorola Milestone Droid Price in India, specs


The Motorola Milestone Droid will be released in India soon and many have been asking what the Android 2.0 smartphone price will be, well ABH News has the answer for you. The Motorola Milestone will sell for around Rs 34,000. Yes the Indian market will get to grips with this handset soon, whilst you wait […]

Video: Win a Nokia GPS Phone with Ovi Maps

Video: Win a Nokia GPS Phone with Ovi Maps

Nokia Ovi Maps has been out for a while now, and it appears that Ovi Maps is now running a contest whereby you can gain the opportunity to win a Nokia GPS phone by sharing your Ovi Maps stories, and we have the video promo for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of To be […]

Could AT&T Save Palm by selling Pre and Pixi Phones?


We mentioned earlier today, Is Palm dead, and about downgraded shares of Palm price, but we would love to know if AT&T could save Palm. The reason we ask this is AT&T will start selling the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus in a few months time, they will sell them for $149.99 and […]

T-Mobile UK HTC Desire black prototype Video


A great article has turned up over on in relation to HTC’s new flagship device. We are now all pretty confident that this is going to turn up soon on British soil ahead of its elder brother the Nexus One. If you want to place your order for the HTC Desire now you can. […]

Microsoft Bing for iPhone Updated and Downloaded 1 Million times

Microsoft Bing for iPhone Updated and Downloaded 1 Million times

Bing for the iPhone has now been updated by Microsoft and the word is Microsoft is claiming that Bing for iPhone has already been downloaded by more than 1 million user’s reports an article over on The updated version of Microsoft Bing for iPhone now features design tweaks and stability fixes and several significant […]

Apple iPhone 4G Dock and Packaging, looking good


The iPhone 4G, yet again people want to know about it being it specs, design or just about anything else to do with it. Well there is some more concept ideas and this time it is to do with the dock and packaging, we found via Concept Phones that creator Seraphan has designed the dock […]

LG and Samsung showcase new phones CTIA Wireless


A recent report over at give us an interesting insight as to what Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are intending to show us at the annual CTIA Wireless show held in Las Vegas. Both companies are intending to unveil new phones as they attempt to consolidate their lead in the North American handset market. […]

Unlock iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 2G with new online tool

Unlock iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 2G with new online tool

Yes iPhone owners there is yet another online solution for unlocking and jailbreaking your iPhone available which according to an article over on new technology 4u, can unlock and jailbreak your iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in a few minutes and a few easy steps. There are many iPhone users who are unhappy […]

Vodafone Spain: HTC Magic phones with Mariposa malware


According to Vodafone Spain, there are at least 3,000 HTC Magic phone customers been exposed to the Mariposa malware. This malware made its way into users computers, which is bad news, HTC Magic phones were shipped out too customers with infected MicroSD cards, then once you sync your handset to your PC the Malware gets […]

Verizon HTC Incredible is a Nexus One in Red?

Verizon HTC Incredible is a Nexus One in Red?

Will the HTC Incredible be incredible when it hits Verizon Wireless or is it simply a doppelganger of the Google Nexus One superphone in red? According to an article over on wireless and mobile news, their title says the HTC Incredible from Verizon soon? Nexus One in Red with Trackpad, but is that all the […]