HTC Desire just £15 per month Vodafone


Vodafone have taken a steep step in reducing the price of the HTC Desire in order to gain a margin and inch that bit ahead in the competition. Reducing the HTC Desire to just £15 per month. The £15 per month will increase to £30 for the last three months. that’s according to a recent […]

Microsoft KIN One and KIN Two: More Specifications Revealed

Microsoft KIN One and KIN Two: More Specifications Revealed

If you were under the assumption that Microsoft has given over all the spec of their latest social networking handsets the Microsoft KIN One and KIN Two, you’d be mistaken as according to an article over on engdget there’s more to know. Of course you could hit up the Microsoft Kin Phones page on Facebook […]

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Hitting Rogers Stores, Only Dummy Units Though

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Hitting Rogers Stores, Only Dummy Units Though

Research In Motion is gearing up to release the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 smartphone, their latest candy-bar device, and apparently Canadians will soon be gaining the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 as according to an article over on engadget via the BGR, dummy BlackBerry Pearl units have started hitting Rogers stores. According to said article Canada’s Rogers has […]

Gizmodo iPhone 4G bin it, concept should be final production

Gizmodo iPhone 4G bin it, this should be final production 1

Ok the new Gizmodo found iPhone 4G prototype looks hot, but we say bin it and use this concept as the final production. Apple you should change direction totally and surprise everyone by making this the new iPhone 4G final production model, go on grow some balls and go for it. That would really sway […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X2a pre order in US at Sony Style


Thanks to a report over at we can share news that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X2a is all set to make an appearance in the United States. Already you can pre order the device which is the successor of the Xperia X1. Pre orders are available now from Sony Style and the device is […]

HTC EVO 4G Smartphone Giveaway by Sprint

HTC EVO 4G Smartphone Giveaway by Sprint

If you are in the market for Sprint’s latest and greatest 4G surfing smartphone, the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, and you are a Sprint Premium customer then Sprint is giving you the opportunity to win one of 10 Sprint HTC EVO 4G handsets reports an article over on unwired view. The Sprint “Blaze across America […]

Australia gets HTC Desire from Telstra


The very much awaited Android Smartphone the HTC Desire which was previously known as the HTC Bravo has now launched officially in Australia. Telstra has the sole rights to sell the Desire for the first three months, as they are the exclusive carrier of the Desire. The HTC Desire is available for $779. The device […]

Will Verizon want Google Nexus One with no 3G fix?

Will Verizon get Google Nexus One with no 3G fix

It is not good news for Google Nexus One owners, the reason we say this is because Google cannot offer any fix to the bad 3G-reception it is encountering according to Engadget. There have been assumptions that the problem lies with T-Mobile and its very poor 3G coverage and of course a few bugs in […]

iPhone, Droid and Rivals: Can RIM BlackBerry compete still?

RIM BlackBerry: Is It Still A Contender?

According to an article over on Reuters, numerous analysts are saying that rival smartphones such as the Motorola Droid and the iconic iPhone along with others could keep snatching market share from BlackBerry until such times as Research In Motion can deliver an improved OS and browser. Research In Motion’s annual Wireless Enterprise Symposium which […]

HTC say no to Palm, will Lenovo buy?


It has been reported that HTC who are the worlds no 5 in Smartphone brands will not be bidding on Palm, after they have reviewed the company’s numbers according to a recent report over at We covered this earlier today which can be viewed here. This leaves really just one company PC brand Lenovo, […]