New Vivo XPlay 5S photos surface ahead of launch

Vivo XPlay 5S

Towards the end of last month, we got a quick look at the Vivo XPlay 5S and just yesterday we got a bit of a teaser. What a difference a day makes as today new Vivo XPlay 5S photos have surfaced and they give us our clearest look at the handset yet.

Huawei Mate 8 price tag indicators

Huawei Mate 8 price indicators

You can bet your bottom dollar that the closer we get to the release of a new smartphone, the more leaks we see about the device. News about the upcoming Mate 8 from Huawei is flooding in thick and fast at the moment, and now we have some Huawei Mate 8 price tag indicators. The […]

Samsung Galaxy On5, On7 India launch, the details you need

Samsung Galaxy On5, On7 India launch

The Samsung Galaxy On5 and Galaxy On7 were previously rumored as the Galaxy Grand On and Galaxy Mega On. After being made official for China last week we knew that these new smartphones would also arrive for India. Now the Samsung Galaxy On5 and On7 India launch has taken place, and we have all the […]

HTC One A9, BlackBerry Priv up for grabs at AT&T this week

HTC One A9, BlackBerry Priv for ATT

The HTC One A9 is the company’s most recent offering and sits between the mid-range and high-end sector of the smartphone market. The BlackBerry Priv is also about to release and is a top- flight device gathering a massive amount of interest. Now we can tell you that both the HTC One A9 and BlackBerry […]

Droid Turbo 2 vs Galaxy S6, iPhone 6S and more in drop tests

Droid Turbo 2 vs iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 drop test b

The Motorola Droid Turbo 2 is a recent arrival for US carrier Verizon, and is heading to other markets rebranded as the Motorola Moto X Force. Much has been made of the phone’s Shattershield technology touted as making the display shatterproof. Now we can check out the Droid Turbo 2 vs Galaxy S6, iPhone 6S […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 design and your specs wish list

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 design b

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 hasn’t been on the shelves for very long, but that doesn’t stop us already looking forward to the next version. Concept designers are a great source of giving us ideas of what might be offered in future, and today we’re showing a Samsung Galaxy Note 6 design that’s also accompanied […]

iBall Andi Sprinter price for universal remote phone

iBall Andi Sprinter price

It can be difficult to keep up with the amount of smartphones arriving for the market in India, and now another iBall handset has launched. The specs of the iBall Andi Sprinter are official and we have the details and price of this universal remote phone. The iBall Andi Sprinter is a 4G LTE smartphone […]

Meizu Pro 5 Mini specs and pricing leak

Meizu Pro 5 Mini specs and price leak

There are likely to be many readers out there who have heard of the Meizu Pro 5. It was announced in September and combines some very impressive specs and a competitive price. Now there are murmurings of a mini version of the phone on the way, and we have some details on Meizu Pro 5 […]

Humble Mobile Bundle 16 arrives with Block Legend, Space Marshalls and more

In the mobile world, the big day for gamers is Thursdays but every other Monday Android users get something special. It’s Bundle time again, and the Humble Mobile Bundle 16 has arrived with some awesome titles this time around.

The SlimPort Nano-Console aims to bring mobiles to the big screen

Slimport nano-console

We have seen a number of mini-consoles released over the past couple of years, and nobody has nailed it yet. The SlimPort Nano-Console is a different take on bringing your mobile to the small screen, and it’s currently winding down its funding run on the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo.