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T-Mobile raises prices for New Customers and caps Data Stash

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Remember that big announcement T-Mobile made yesterday? Well, it turns out there’s a bigger catch to their Binge On program than anyone initially thought, and it’s something you will want to know if you’re thinking about making the switch.

T-Mobile introduces Binge On free video streaming

T-Mobile Binge On

T-Mobile is known for shaking things up on the mobile scene, and they usually have a surprise or two in store at their Uncarrier events. We had heard video might be the topic of today’s event and it was as Magenta has announced Binge On.

Samsung top phones with $100 price savings at T-Mobile now

Samsung top phpones with $100 price savings

It’s that time of year again, and as the holiday season gets closer hype is growing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. In fact some retailers are not even waiting for the traditional time and are launching offers early, and one of those is T-Mobile. Some of Samsung’s top phones are now available with […]

T-Mobile introduces the 4G LTE CellSpot for homes and businesses

4G LTE CellSpot T-Mobile

T-Mobile generally drops a big announcement for its customers every couple of months, and today they have unleashed a new product for their masses. The 4G LTE CellSpot is official, and it’s a mini smartphone tower built for homes or small businesses.

Alcatel Fierce XL set to arrive on MetroPCS and T-Mobile

Alcatel Fierce XL

If you’re looking for a new smartphone, there is truly something for everyone these days. Alcatel has just unveiled the Alcatel Fierce XL for consumers for two carriers in the states, but you may be surprised at who’s getting it first.

LG V10 price and pre-order dates for AT&T, T-Mobile

LG V10 price and pre-orders

The LG V10 smartphone was recently announced and has already released in South Korea. The device is generating plenty of interest and it will also be released in numerous other markets including the US. Today we have LG V10 price and pre-order dates for AT&T and T-Mobile, and the really good news is there’s not […]

T-Mobile has confirmed Android Marshmallow update for 17 devices

T-Mobile confirms Android Marshmallow update

Since Google officially took the wraps off Android 6.0 Marshmallow last week, there have been many people wondering if and when their device will receive the update. We’ve been bringing news about this regarding various manufacturers and now T-Mobile has confirmed the Android Marshmallow update for 17 devices that it carries. Although we’ve reported on […]

Experian T-Mobile hack may have affected millions of subscribers

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Hacking is a common occurrence these days, and it can affect all aspects of our lives from our video game consoles to our identities or mobiles. The latter is cause for concern today after a massive leak has revealed information on a large number of T-Mobile subscribers.

iPhone 6s price cut to $5 per month through T-Mobile promo

Nexus 9 T-Mobile delay b

A lot of people are going to be picking up the new iPhone 6s this week, and if you roll with Magenta, they’ve got a great deal for you. The iPhone 6s price is dropping down to $5 per month with a trade-in through T-Mobile’s new promo, and you’ll be able to pick one up beginning this Friday.

The Coolpad Rogue heads to T-Mobile with 4G and a $50 price tag

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It’s safe to say Coolpad isn’t a brand familiar to many consumers in the west. Magenta has been better than most carriers when it comes to bringing handsets to the states from the Far East, and a new one has just been announced with the Coolpad Rogue.