Google Now vs Cortana video comparison battle

Google Now vs. Cortana video comparison

Since Siri made its debut on the iPhone 4S back in October 2011 and since then we have seen rival offerings made available by other platforms, and more recently Microsoft got in on the act. Today we have a Google Now vs. Cortana video comparison battle for your viewing pleasure. We have already seen a […]

Updated Google Now will launch camera with voice command


Google Now is a service that is constantly updated with new features to enhance the functionality, and the latest one will let you open your device’s camera by simply tapping the microphone and saying “take a photo” or “take a video,” Sounds cool right?. Yes it really is that simple and should have been included a while […]

HTC Google Now smartwatch teased for MWC

HTC Google Now smartwatch teased for MWC

MWC 2014 taking place in Barcelona is now just around the corner and we’re already seeing plenty of new products being debuted early or leaking out. Now there are reports that HTC is to introduce three new wearable technology devices at the event, one of them being a Google Now smartwatch. It’s no secret that […]

Google Now beam me up Scotty Easter egg


We do love coming across the Easter eggs that crop up from time to time in different Google Products. This time it’s the turn of Google Now, which has been treated to a “beam me up Scotty” Easter egg. Star Trek enthusiasts and geek trivia specialists will love this latest Google Easter egg that arises […]

Google Search iOS app update 3.1.0, Google Now changes


Many device users are big fans of Google Now, and over the last few months new features have been arriving for Android device owners. Today the Google Search iOS app has been updated, bringing lots of Google Now changes and improvements for iDevice users. This brings the iOS Google Search app to version 3.1.0 and […]

Google Now vs Cue app after Apple buyout


Some readers will have heard or been users of the Cue personal assistant app, which was recently shut down. However, it appears that the Cue app may not be gone for long, as there are reports that Apple has acquired Cue. Hence it looks as though it could be Google Now vs. the Cue app […]

Microsoft Cortana to rival Siri on WP8.1


While there were already Android apps already available that offered a slightly similar experience, Apple’s personal assistant feature that was launched on the iPhone 4S triggered the appeal for such features on our mobile devices. Now an offering from Microsoft is in the works called Cortana that will rival Siri for WP8.1 devices. The Windows […]

Download Google Now wallpapers for your phone or tablet

Download Google Now wallpapers for your phone or tablet

There will be many of us that like to customize our smartphones or computers with various wallpapers or other images. Now though you can download Google Now wallpapers to your smartphone or tablet for some added beauty. The Google Now service has been around for a while now and has even been released for iOS […]

Google Now iOS battery drain problem contradictions


Just a few days ago we told readers how the Google Now voice assistant feature had arrived for iOS device users as an update to the Google Search app. The app is for iPhone and iPad and available from the App Store and likely to be extremely popular. However we are hearing that some new […]

Google Now for iPhone and iPad hits, move over Siri

Google Now for iPhone and iPad released

While Apple and Google are fierce rivals in the smartphone world as the two companies try and make their mobile operating system number one, they still do some good work together with the search engine giant providing iOS users a number of apps. Now today we can tell you the news that Google Now for […]