HiLO iPhone and iPad lens brings new angles photography

HiLO iPhone and iPad lens brings new angles photography

If you are into snapping pictures with your iPhone or iPad, there are no doubt times when you simply just can’t get the right angle for that perfect shot, high angles, low angle and the like can be difficult to attain. However there could be a new lens on its way that could make an […]

iPad 4 first look video: the good and bad

iPad 4 first look video: the good and bad

The iPad 4 will soon be coming out to play, and iOS slate is an upgrade to the new iPad, which means of course if you own the new iPad, you will no longer have the new cutting edge Apple slate. And so you can make an informed judgement on considering whether to pick up […]

Apple shocks iPad 3 customers with free upgrade

ipad upgrade

Yesterday we saw the special event staged by iPhone maker Apple as the company unveiled a number of new products that included two new models of their tablet PC, which included the iPad 4. There would have been many customers that had recently purchased an iPad disappointed with the news of a new model so […]

New iPad 3 nifty refresh on the cards at Apple event


We’ve been bringing readers plenty of news lately about the highly anticipated iPad mini, due to be launched at an Apple event in a few days time on October 23. However one thing that we hadn’t heard much about was a refresh for the new iPad, the current 3rd generation of the tablet. It now […]

Mystery new iPad model using A6 chip shows up

new ipad a6 chip

Since Apple first released the original iPad back in 2010 the various versions of the device have remained the dominate force in the Tablet PC market. Every year in a similar way to the iPhone we get to hear numerous rumours surrounding the next version, and now a mystery new iPad model using an A6 […]

iPad top for satisfaction but Kindle Fire in striking distance


The Apple iPad has long dominated the tablet world and time and time again we’ve heard figures regarding its massive share of the market. One of the first real competitors was the Amazon Kindle Fire and although the two tablets are not so comparable on specs and features the Kindle Fire gained a lot of […]

Apple iPad retro Padintosh case brings 80s nostalgia

Apple iPad retro Padintosh case brings 80s nostalgia

I’m sure some of our readers have fond memories of the 1980’s, and if you happen to own the Apple iPad 2 or the new iPad, and you are a lover of old fashioned retro styling, you can now bring a nostalgic touch of the 1980’s to your iOS slate with a stylish retro case […]

New iPad makes hush hush debut in China

New iPad makes hush hush debut in China

Usually when a new Apple device makes its bedut in a country its usually followed by quite a bit of attention along with long lines of people queuing up to snap up Apple’s offering; however when it comes to the new iPad making its debut in China, it appears things have been a tad subdued. […]

Newcomer Google Nexus 7 vs new iPad in build quality test


It’s fair to say that the Google Nexus 7 tablet has taken off and is already seeing the success that many thought it would. Many people may feel the Nexus 7 is more likely to take on the likes of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet rather than the much costlier Apple iPad. However in a Google […]

2012 iPad update could achieve reduced heat output


Regular readers of Phones Review may remember that last week we told of the rumors that there could be another version of the new iPad released later this week, a new, new iPad if you will. Although it seems unlikely in some respects, sources were claiming a refreshed iPad within months, making it the second […]