Nokia Here Maps for iOS is pure rubbish

Nokia Here Maps for iOS is pure rubbish

iOS device users will obviously know that Apple Maps wasn’t all that Apple made it out to be, and no doubt some of the iOS faithful are regretting Apple ditching Google Maps. However there is a new maps app for iOS devices that is now available called Nokia Here Maps, which one would have thought […]

Nokia Here App to better iOS 6 Apple Maps

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It is no secret that Apple’s attempt at offering iOS users their own mapping solution with iOS 6 hasn’t quite gone so smoothly since its release. While we wait for Apple to get its act together iOS users will soon have access to another option in the form of the Nokia Here app, which is […]

Nokia HERE mapping for iOS and SDK for Android

Nokia HERE

There are still many iOS 6 users not happy with Apple’s in house Maps application after the company ditched Google Maps in favour of it. Now though there is another alternative on the way in the form of the new Nokia HERE mapping application for iOS, and also a SDK for Android. Nokia has revealed […]