Nokia Lumia 925 release date, price for UK

Nokia Lumia 925 release date, price for UK pic 2

Yesterday we reported the official announcement of the Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone 8 smartphone, and we can now reveal the release date and price for all that live in the UK. Clove are set to sell the Nokia Lumia 925 WP8 phone to consumers on June 13, that is only 2 days waiting time. […]

Nokia Lumia 925 released more markets to shortly follow

Nokia Lumia 925 released more markets to shortly follow

Nokia has been rapidly expanding its WP8 Lumia range of smartphones over the last few months with a variety of handsets being launched, and the company has now released the Nokia Lumia 925 in select regions with more markets to follow shortly. The Nokia Lumia 925 is the latest flagship smartphone device from the company […]

Vodafone Nokia Lumia 925 32GB pricing & order details revealed

vodafone nokia lumia 925

Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia recently unveiled the latest flagship handset for its ever expanding Lumia range of Windows Phone 8 hardware, and now Vodafone UK has revealed the pricing and order details for the 32GB Nokia Lumia 925. We have already given you some pricing details for the Nokia Lumia 925 and that Vodafone will […]

Nokia Lumia 925 may be available on AT&T as well as T-Mobile


There’s an interesting development today with some rather intriguing news about the Nokia Lumia 925 for the US. Until now it had been thought that this would be an exclusive for T-Mobile stateside. Now though, evidence has arisen showing that the Lumia 925 is currently being tested for AT&T. The Lumia 925 is a Windows […]

Nokia Lumia 925 opportunity for Windows Phone star

Nokia Lumia 925 opportunity for Windows Phone star

The Nokia Lumia 925 is the latest addition to the Windows Phone-toting line up and it seems it could be just what the Finnish manufacturer needs to help boost its already impressive part in Microsoft’s recent success. Research firm IDC recently found that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has earned the largest year-on-year gain amongst the […]

Nokia Lumia 925 Superman hero edition with June launch


If you’re a fan of Nokia Lumia smartphones and also have a passion for Superman then we can tell you about a phone that could be just right for you. Nokia is about to release a Superman-branded Lumia 925 Windows Phone handset and although it looks likely to release in China first we imagine it […]

Update: Nokia Lumia 925: Where to pre-order, one price revealed

Nokia Lumia 925- Where to pre-order, one price revealed

Update: It seems I might have forgotton to add to this article that the 32GB variant was said to be an exclusive for Vodafone first, please read more about this here. Nokia Lumia 925 prices and release dates are limited at the moment, but we have listed a few online sites where you can pre-order […]

Nokia Lumia 925 screenshot leak shows 32GB variant


The Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone that had been previously dubbed the Catwalk was officially announced last week. This Windows Phone handset is due to release in June and specs included 16GB of internal storage, sadly non-expandable. However we have just heard of a 32GB storage model, which was originally thought to be a Vodafone exclusive […]

Nokia Lumia 925 to get release on Three

Nokia Lumia 925 three release

The range of handsets from Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia running the Windows Phone 8 operating system is rapidly expanding, and the latest flagship device from the company has now been confirmed for release on carrier Three UK. Yesterday the Nokia Lumia 925 was unveiled by the company at a special press event in London, and […]

Nokia Lumia 925 vs 928 vs 920 in spec indifference

Nokia Lumia 925 vs 928 vs 920 in spec enhancement

Late last year Nokia helped to launch the new Windows Phone 8 operating system from Microsoft and did so by releasing its flagship Lumia 920 smartphone. Since then the company has been busy expanding its Lumia range with cheaper alternatives but now we are looking at the recently announced Nokia Lumia 925 vs 928 vs […]