The OMRON Family Eye is a security camera with Personality

OMRON Family Eye

If you follow the wild world of tech, you know some really cool gadgets come out of the Far East. The OMRON Family Eye is one of them, and it is by far the coolest security camera you’re likely to see.

The BLOCKS Modular smartwatch fires up its Kickstarter campaign on October 13

Blocks modular Smartwatch

If you’re still waiting on Project Ara to arrive, we have another modular concept to keep you busy. The BLOCKS Modular smartwatch is gearing up for its Kickstarter campaign, and you’ll be able to reserve one beginning on October 13th.

Samsung Smart Glasses patent shows interesting Augmented Reality approach


It’s safe to say Google Glass as we knew it was a big flop. While we know the company is revamping Glass, a new Samsung Smart Glasses patent has surfaced with a new take on the smart glasses concept.

New View-Master VR headset now available to purchase for $30

View Master VR

Way back in February, word surfaced that Mattel and Google were cooking something up. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the View-Master VR kit, but the new headset has finally rolled out and is available to purchase.

Amazon bans the sale or purchase of Chromecasts and the Apple TV

amazon logo

Remember that new Chromecast we told you about a few days ago? While most consumers are thrilled with the new streamer, one company is not and if you sell on that e-tailer, we’ve got some bad news for you.

TAG Heuer smartwatch will debut in NYC on November 9th


Out of all the smartwatches set to debut this year, the TAG Heuer smartwatch has largely remained a mystery. While the company isn’t ready to pull back the veil, they have let us in on an important detail by announcing the TAG Heuer smartwatch price.

Google unveils the new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio

Chromecast V2

Google was at the top of a lot of news feeds yesterday thanks to a couple of new smartphones, but one gadget will outsell them all. As expected, a new Chromecast was announced and it’s bringing some new features to the table along with another new streaming dongle.

The Wove Band is a flexible wearable set to debut in 2016

Wove Band

We’ve seen a lot of cool wearable tech in the past couple of years, but we haven’t seen anything outside of concepts that’s really wowed us. The Wove Band has come along to change that as it’s a flexible wearable that you’ll actually be able to buy next year.

Pebble goes circular with the Pebble Time Round

pebble time round

We’ve knew Pebble would introduce something today, but we didn’t expect what we got. The Pebble Time Round is the company’s first circular smartwatch, and it’s quite the change from the company’s previous efforts.

Leaked Microsoft Band 2 images show a revamped fitness tracker

microsoft band 2

Microsoft let consumers down when it came to high-powered handsets last fall, but they did surprise everyone with a wearable. The Microsoft Band 2 is rumored to launch in the very near future, and we may have just gotten our first look at the upcoming wearable.