Misfit Shine 2 fitness tracker set for a November release

misfit shine 2

If you haven’t heard of the Misfit Shine, you’re forgiven as it’s not a wearable that set the world on fire. A sequel called the Misfit Shine 2 has just been announced, and while it looks similar, it brings updated specs and a few cool new features to the table.

Autonome charges your smartphone anywhere


Smartphone’s are like an extension of our arms nowadays, leaving home without your mobile feels worse than walking out the door without your house keys. That slim device controls our whole lives, we keep in contact with our friends via text, surf the net and update our social networking sites. The only thing that hampers […]

iPhone 4/4S Cellhelmet case, insurance add-on


On purchasing a new Apple iPhone, the next decision is what protection you are going to give your device, an accessory that will prevent it from getting scratched when dropped or bumped. In the past here at Phones Review, we’ve given you a whole host of information surrounding phone accessories, but none quite like this […]

Simplicity iFold Stand iPhone or Android


Are you an iPhone or even Android user that holds your device for long periods of time, perhaps to watch your favourite movie or to chat using Skype, and find yourself having to put your device down due to an achy hand? Well thanks to a new accessory called the ‘ifoldstand,’ this could be about […]

Best iPad 2 case for kids: Disney or tough?


Whether it’s for an adult or a child, keeping your iPad free from scratches or other damage is almost a necessity. But how far do you go with external protection?

Best protective iPhone 4S cases


Apple’s latest version of the iPhone has given us another step forward in technology. Although the 4S looks very similar in design to the previous 4, there are slight differences meaning that some of the iPhone 4 cases wont fit the new model.

Motorola MOTOROKR EQ3 Compact Foldable Speakers: Mobile Phone Fun

MOTOROKR™ EQ3 Compact Foldable Speakers pic main

Welcome to the MOTOROKR EQ3 Compact Foldable Speakers which will bring your mobile phone back to life, the MOTOROKR EQ3 is a folding speaker which is highly portable and is the newest addition to Motorola’s music focused ROKR series. The MOTOROKR EQ3 apparently (and we say apparently because we have not had our hands on […]

Posh up your mobile with a Prada Teddy

Prada Teddy

Want something for your precious little silver spooned darling? How about having mummy or daddy get their spoiled kid one of these Posh Prada Teddy Bear straps so they can show the world how well off they are! Anyone on a decent livable wage can afford an LG Prada phone these days, and on some plans […]