Guitar Hero Live has arrived for mobile devices

Guitar Hero Live

If you enjoy air guitar, you are probably aware of the Guitar Hero Live release. If you don’t own a console but still want to rock out, you are in luck. Guitar Hero Live mobile has arrived to fulfill your rock star dreams and it’s said to be an exact port of the console version.

The Call of Duty Heroes release date has arrived

call of duty heroes

If you love FPS games, there’s a good chance you dig Call of Duty… or Battlefield. Mobile gamers have been waiting for the new Call of Duty mobile game to land, and a few days ago, the Call of Duty Heroes release date finally arrived.

Call of Duty Elite app released for WP8

Call of Duty Elite app released for WP8

Since it was first launched late last year the Windows Phone 8 platform is steadily gaining users, and this growth will be helped as more new hardware and additions to the platforms ecosystem continue, and today we have the news that the Call of Duty Elite app is released for WP8. The Call of Duty […]

Temple Run 2 vs Pitfall in Gamers Choice

Temple Run 2 vs Pitfall in Gamers Choice

If you are a gaming fan there is a vast selection of quality titles now available on the various smartphone platforms, with many being free to download and play. This has recently increased with the release of Temple Run 2 on both the Android and iOS platforms, but today we are looking at the choice […]

Nintendo & Activision Staff for Apple iOS Gaming


In order to establish iOS as a leading gaming platform, Apple have shown their intent, by recruiting Nick Grange, Activision’s European PR director. In an MCV report it is claimed that the appointment of Nick Grange, follows Apple’s recent acquisition of Robert Saunders, who was a former head of communications for Nintendo UK and is […]