Samsung Gear S2 Experience app lets you virtually sample the Gear S2

samsung gear s2 app

Choosing a smartwatch isn’t easy for most, especially if you don’t have one in-hand. The new Samsung Gear S2 Experience app actually gives folks a way to try before they buy without having to hassle with shipping or paperwork.

Gameloft releases Trivial Pursuit & Friends for mobiles

trivial pursuit and friends

Trivial Pursuit is a game you either love or loathe – there is no middle ground. If you dig those colored wedges, Trivial Pursuit & Friends will be right up your alley and it’s just landed for mobile devices.

Jason Statham teams up with Glu for Sniper X

sniper x with jason statham

It seems like every week a new celebrity gets a mobile game, including Shakira and half the Kardashians. Sniper X with Jason Statham is something geared more towards the guys and it’s just landed on the App Stores for your mobile consumption.

Guitar Hero Live has arrived for mobile devices

Guitar Hero Live

If you enjoy air guitar, you are probably aware of the Guitar Hero Live release. If you don’t own a console but still want to rock out, you are in luck. Guitar Hero Live mobile has arrived to fulfill your rock star dreams and it’s said to be an exact port of the console version.

Doogee T6 announced with 6,250mAh battery, release coming in November

Doogee T6

We’ve covered plenty of smartphones with massive batteries from the Far East, and Doogee is no stranger to those types of handsets. The Doogee T6 is set to be their latest powerplant, and it is going to roll out with a huge 6,250mAh battery.

LG G Flex 2 sale cuts the price to $250 unlocked

LG G Flex 2 price slash

The LG G Flex 2 has been out for a while now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still worth a look. A new LG G Flex 2 sale has just sprung up, and if you’ve been on the fence about the flexible handset, now’s the time to jump off.

Fossil Q Founder price will begin at $275

Fossil Q Founder

We’ve talked about the upcoming Fossil smartwatch, and it’s a device plenty of people are excited for. Today the company announced the Fossil Q Founder as its first Android Wear smartwatch, and several more connected wearable’s are coming along for the ride as well.

Samsung Galaxy View photos show Sammy’s massive new slate

samsung galaxy view

It’s always nice to get a specs leak or benchmark listing on a new device, but photos are where it’s at. A batch of Samsung Galaxy View photos have appeared today, and it give us our first real glimpse of Samsung big new tablet.

Bluboo Xtouch specifications are official, priced at $179

Bluboo Xtouch

If you follow the wild world of smartphones from the Far East, you are probably familiar with Bluboo. The Bluboo Xtouch is set to be the company’s flagship of 2015, and the cheaper variant has just gone live with an attractive price tag of $179.

New Kemco humble bundle brings JRPGS to the table

kemco humble bundle

The folks at the Humble Bundle drop a new mobile offering every other Monday, and like clockwork, a new one arrived yesterday. The Kemco humble bundle is a great deal for fans of the role-playing genre, especially if you dig JRPGS.