Lava Flair P1 price announced at Rs. 3,399 for India

lava flair P1

Lava has just introduced a new smartphone for India with the Lava Flair P1. The device is ready to roll in the country, and comes with a budget friendly price tag of Rs. 3,399.

Android M preview release available, key points

Android M preview release

Plenty of news was announced at Google’s I/O developer conference a few days ago and one of the main points was the introduction of the Android M update. A developer preview for the next version of the mobile operating system is already available to download and we have some further information ahead. We’ll be bringing […]

ZTE Overture 2 arrives in the states for $50 on Cricket

zte overture 2

One of the few Chinese brands to successfully make the jump from the states has been ZTE. The ZTE Overture 2 is the latest to make in appearance in the U.S., and while it won’t set the world on fire with its specs, it is a very affordable if you want to roll with Cricket.

The Sharp AQUOS Xx passes through the FCC

sharp aquos xx

Like phones with bezels that are barely there? If so, you probably heard about the Sharp Aquos Crystal or the Sharp Aquos Xx. The recently announced handsets are a sight to behold, and the company’s flagship, the Sharp Aquos Xx has just passed through the FCC.

The Project Tango release date has finally arrived, priced at $512

project tango tablet

Remember Project Tango? We haven’t touched on the unique slate in a while, but that doesn’t mean Google has stopped working on it. In fact, after a limited invite only period, the tablet has gone live and is now available to purchase for $512 from the Google Store.

Xiaomi Mi5 specs may include a Snapdragon 820


The Xiaomi Mi5 is one of the more speculated upon handsets of 2015, and the rumors have been all over the place in regards to the specs. Well, we just got another juicy tidbit that says Xiaomi’s beastly flagship may sport a Snapdragon 820.

Motorola Clark and Kinzie tipped as QHD smartphones bound for Big Red

Motorola Logo

Motorola doesn’t release as many handsets as other manufacturers, but every device they’ve released in the Moto line has proved to be successful over the past few years. The Motorola Clark and Motorola Kenzie are two new devices that have just leaked out, and customers at Big Red may soon have a new Droid to choose from.

The HTC WF5w gets certified through TENAA


Dozens of devices pass through the gates of TENAA each month, and occasionally we come across a previously unknown handset. That’s the case this week, as it looks like HTC may have a new smartphone in the works with the HTC WF5w.

Micromax Canvas Doodle 4 price and details emerge

micromax canvas doodle 4

Micromax has produced numerous Canvas Doodle handsets over the years, and they’ve proved popular with consumers in India looking for a large handset. A new one has appeared online today without being officially announced, and it’s called the Micromax Canvas Doodle 4.

Microsoft Cortana app for Android and iOS is coming soon

cortana android

Voice assistants. A few years back that was probably the last thing you thought of when choosing a new handset, but Siri and Cortana have changed that. Each platform has their own voice-enabled setup, but one is breaking out as we’re pleased to announce Microsoft has decided to finally unleash a Cortana app for Android and iOS.