OnePlus 2 release shows up early on Oppomart

OnePlus 2 details including battery

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know the OnePlus 2 release is right around the corner. We’ve seen a number of official and unofficial leaks thus far, and now it looks like one retailer has jumped the gun.

Glu releases a Mission Impossible Rogue Nation game

mission impossible rogue nation

Glu has made a few movie-tie in games in their day, and occasionally they even produce something new. Sarcasm aside, a Mission Impossible Rogue Nation game was a given with the new movie set to roll out, and Glu has just released it onto the App Stores.

Marshall London smartphone set to debut in August

marshall london smartphone

If you’re into music, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Marshall as they’ve been putting out products since the 60’s. The Marshall London is going to be the company’s first smartphone, and it’s geared towards the true audiophile.

Intex Aqua Fish announced with Sailfish OS 2.0

Intex Logo

We’ve covered the Sailfish OS in the past, but it’s mainly been in regards to the Jolla smartphone. Well, the Intex Aqua Fish has just been announced as a new device running Sailfish 2.0, and it’s set to make its debut later this year.

Angry Birds 2 exists and will arrive July 30th

angry birds 2

The fickle fowl we know as the Angry Birds have made quite the name for themselves since they first splashed onto the scene. Angry Birds 2 is a game many of us expected ages ago, but it just never happened. Well, you can turn that frown upside down, as Angry Birds 2 is set to debut later this month.

ZTE announces the ZTE Blade D6 at MWC Shanghai 2015

ZTE Blade D6

There’s a big tech show going on today in Shanghai, and a lot of new devices are making an appearance at MWC Shanghai 2015. The ZTE Blade D6 has shown up at the event as the next smartphone in the company’s popular Blade lineup.

HTC announces the HTC Desire 626, Desire 526 and Desire 520 for the US

HTC Desire 626

Like most manufacturers, HTC has a half-dozen unannounced smartphones in the pipeline at any given time. The HTC Desire 626, HTC Desire 526, and the HTC Desire 520 were three of them, and today we found out they are coming to the US along with the HTC Desire 626s.

InFocus M2 4G price and specifications announced for India

InFocus M2 4G

In the smartphone world, time tends to move fast. The original InFocus M2 release hit India earlier this year, and today we are getting a look at the InFocus M2 4G. As the moniker implies, you’ll be getting 4G LTE this time around…

Back panels for the Motorola 2015 lineup appear online

motorola 2015 lineup

We’ve spent a lot of time covering upcoming Samsung smartphones lately, but Motorola has numerous devices in the pipeline awaiting release. Well, we’ve just gotten a doozy of a leak as rear panels have surfaced showing four unannounced Motorola smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy A8 finally becomes official

samsung galaxy A8

It’s safe to say Samsung has an issue when it comes to leaks, whether it’s intentional or not is anyone’s guess. The Samsung Galaxy A8 has leaked more times than we can count, but today Sammy made things official for their thin new handset.