The Huawei G628 is a mid-ranger with LTE and a 64-bit chip

huawei G628

You won’t be able to throw a rock without hitting a smartphone with a 64-bit chip under the hood this year, and you can add one more to that expanding list. Huawei is jumping on the 64-bit bandwagon, and their latest handset looks to bring one of those new chips and LTE to the masses for cheap.

Edged Samsung Galaxy S6 Design rumored for MWC 2015


There has been a lot of speculation about the Samsung Galaxy S6 design, and many believe it will go the way of the new Note Edge. Those variant rumors aren’t going away, and today a new one confirms the Edged Galaxy S6 design while bringing a round smartwatch into the mix.

ZTE unveils the 64-bit ZTE G719C smartphone


ZTE is a popular brand around the globe, and it’s also a brand we’ve been following closely as they’ve slowly started to offer their handsets in the states and abroad. Today, a new smartphone from the company has appeared online, and it’s called the ZTE G719C.

The ViewSonic 69Q smartphone specs show a Massive 7-inch display


We don’t cover many product from ViewSonic, but occasionally they drop a handset that makes us take notice. The ViewSonic 69Q is one such smartphone, and it specs show a huge display that may come with a very low price tag.

Get Infrared Vision on your Smartphone with the FLIR One thermal imager

Flir One thermal imager

Smartphones can do a lot of cool things, and we’re just now seeing the first batch of fingerprint scanners and heart rate sensors arrive. As many accessories as we’ve seen, we haven’t seen a true “attachment” that’s made us drool… until now. The FLIR One is an infrared attachment for your smartphone, and it’s definitely one of the cooler things we’ve seen out of CES.

Xiaomi’s cheap LTE-equipped $65 smartphone gearing up for a release


Each year, the line between low and mid-range devices gets a bit thinner as components become cheaper and prices continue to drop. Xiaomi has impressed a lot of folks with the Redmi, and a new device that’s just shown up on TENAA shows a similar handset with a rock bottom price tag.

Lenovo A6000 announced with LTE and Snapdragon 410


Lenovo unleashed a slew of products at CES this week, and they have just shown off another new handset. The Lenovo A6000 is on the lower side of the smartphone spectrum when it comes to specs, but it’s priced to shake things up in India.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active LTE passes through the FCC

samsung galaxy tab active

Samsung has given us a lot of tablets to look at over the past year, but one is a bit tougher than the rest. It’s called the Galaxy Tab Active LTE, and it can deal with harsh elements that would leave other devices bricked. The rugged slate has finally made its way through the FCC, and we’re going to revisit the Galaxy Tab Active specs.

Polaroid unveils the Polaroid L10 and L7 Android tablets

polaroid L10

CES 2015 may be coming to a close, but there are still plenty of gadgets on display, and a lot we haven’t covered. Such is the case with two new slates from the last company you’d expect… Polaroid. Ready to meet the Polaroid L10 and L7 Android tablets?

The Lenovo P90 specs show a huge battery and 64-bit Intel Atom chip

Lenovo P90

Lenovo showed off all kinds of goodies at CES 2015 this week, and we’ve already looked at one of their new handsets in the Vibe X2 Pro. That wasn’t the only smartphone the company had on display though, and the Lenovo P90 is well worth a look if you need a device with plenty of juice.