New HTC Tablet rumored to arrive later this year

HTC logo

We were spoiled with all the smartphone leaks that have come from Twitter over the years, and while they have slowed down somewhat, leaker @upleaks still drops a juicy smartphone rumors from time to time. This time it’s another HTC leak, but it doesn’t involve the One M9 as it appears HTC has a new slate in the works.

Dual Cameras reportedly coming to the LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6

We see all kinds of interesting tech news come out of Korea, but sometimes you have to take it with that good old grain of salt. That may be the case with this one, as a new report suggests that Dual Cameras are coming to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4.

Galaxy S6 Edge confirmed through leaked SAR rating and Product Pages

Samsung Galaxy S6 display size b

It’s hard to tell where smartphone leaks originate from these days, as even manufactures tend to “slip” up before a new product is revealed. Samsung is a major player in the tech world, and they’ve just confirmed the Galaxy S Edge and the Galaxy S6 well ahead of launch.

Google’s new Friends Furver Ad racks up views and smiles

furever friends google

Even Android fans can admit that Apple has put out some catchy commercials over the years. We’ve slowly started to see Android commercials get better, and the latest one may be the best one yet… or at least the cutest. It’s a heartwarming commercial with a surprise cast and a very familiar ditty that Disney fans may recognize.

The High There! App brings online dating to Stoners

High There! App

Depending on what part of the word you reside in, marijuana may be illegal. Things are starting to loosen up a bit for folks in the United States, and as weed slowly becomes decriminalized, entrepreneurs are popping up in some unlikely areas. Mobile apps is one of those areas, and the new High There! App is bringing the world of online dating to stoners.

Alcatel 6045 One Touch gets benchmarked with 64-bit SoC

alcatel onetouch 6045

Another week, another new smartphone with a 64-bit chip. The 64-bit mobile age has officially begun, and Alcatel is getting in on the action with a new handset called the Alcatel 6045 One Touch.

Upgraded Meizu M1 specs show 2GB of RAM

meizu logo

The Meizu M1 smartphone has only been out in the world for a few short weeks, and it’s already become a very popular handset. If you weren’t impressed by the Meizu M1 specs initially, you may be interested in the upgraded version which has just shown up online.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A and Galaxy Tab A Plus specifications are revealed

Samsung Galaxy S6 display size b

There’s been a lot of discussion regarding Samsung’s new smartphone naming convention, and we’ve seen several new series appear online already. There hasn’t been much news in regards to new tablets, but a new report suggests we’ll be seeing the Samsung Galaxy Tab A and Galaxy Tab A Plus sometime in the very near future.

Transformers: Battle Tactics arrives for iOS and Android

transformers battle tactics

The Transformers were insanely popular in the 80s, and whether you like it or not, they received a resurgence thanks to Michael Bay. There are dozens of Transformers games out there these days, and mobile gamers have a new one to play with as DeNA has just dropped Transformers: Battle Tactics for iOS and Android.

BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu smartphone coming to the UK for €169

ubuntu aqauris E4.5

We spend a lot of time covering handsets that run Android, iOS and Windows. We’re going to flip the script for a moment and take a look at something a little different with the BQ Aquaris E4.5 smartphone. You may not know the name, but an Ubuntu edition of the handset is set to arrive in Europe next week.