Angry Birds Transformers for Android has arrived with a heavy dose of the 80s

angry birds transformers

Angry Birds is one of the more popular franchises around, and they haven’t slowed down much since they first came onto the scene. Earlier this month, they went back to the 80s with a new game, and this morning Angry Birds Transformers for Android finally arrived on Google Play to fulfill all your 80s gaming needs.

New Angry Birds game teased

new angry birds game

Rovio have released a trailer for another new Angry Birds game on its YouTube channel, the clip is only 28 second long, but shows the iconic Red Bird in a knight’s armour, indicating the franchise could be going medieval. “The most epic soft launch ever” Is what we are greeted with at the start of the video, it […]

Angry Birds Go video review, good and bad


The Angry Birds Go app recently arrived for the iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms bringing a new game experience for enthusiastic Angry Birds fans. Today we have an Angry Birds Go video review to show you that will give you a good look at the game and what it offers. This is a […]

Angry Birds Go released with parental, telepods warning

Angry Birds Go released with parental, telepods warning

Rovio Mobile do things the right way, they do not release an app for iOS users whilst leaving Android owners out in the dark with a very long app release waiting game. You know, like GTA V iFruit, we all know how ling Android users had to wait; this is not the case for the […]

New Angry Birds Go for Android, iOS gameplay trailer


The Angry Birds franchise is a massively popular and successful series of games and not long after Angry Birds Star Wars 2 released we have now heard more about Angry Birds Go! The new Angry Birds Go Android and iOS apps are to release in December and we have official Angry Birds Go gameplay trailer […]

Latest Angry Birds Space update for Android and iOS


The Angry Birds games are some of the most popular ever, and today we have news about the Angry Birds Space iPhone and Android apps. The game has received a new update today, bringing lots more goodies to this popular app. The space adventures of the Angry Birds involve a multitude of levels on different […]

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 release date and video


The Angry Birds franchise just seems to keep growing, and today we have news on Angry Birds Star Wars 2 (II), with a release date and video to show you. Yesterday Rovio introduced the next installment in the series, and it will echo the George Lucas Star Wars prequel trilogy. Angry Birds Star Wars 2 […]

Angry Birds Friends making move to Android and iOS apps


There will soon be an even bigger choice of Angry Birds apps for Android and iOS as we have just heard that Angry Birds Friends is to make the jump from the Facebook platform to mobile apps. As the installation numbers of Angry Birds Friends on Facebook has now risen above 60 million we suppose […]

Angry Birds cartoon series flying soon and in-app viewing


Hands up anybody who has never heard of Angry Birds! No, not that many hands there and to be honest that’s not surprising as the successful Angry Birds app in its many different forms has now been downloaded an incredible 1.7 billion times. So successful has the Rovio Angry Birds app been that after spawning […]

Angry Birds Star Wars download leads to inevitable review

Angry Birds Star Wars download leads to inevitable review

Today’s a pretty big day for both hard core and casual gamers because not only will there be an influx of Grand Theft Auto V news today, but also a game that features a few of our favorite characters from two great franchises. Let’s forget about Rockstar’s title because we’re more interested in the latest […]